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Advanced Techniques

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This page is a list of advanced gameplay techniques are neither required nor referenced in the game, but are useful for speedrunners or other challenge gamers.

Dash-cancel Jump[edit | edit source]

After jumping off an edge, immediately shield to cancel the jump animation, and then dash. This must be done very quickly in order to succeed, but if done properly, it greatly increases jump distance and allows jumping around corners, allowing for a lot of speedrunning and sequence breaking. For keyboard users, note that Dash is by default mapped to the ALT key as well as the right mouse button, which may help with the rapid clicking required.

Jump Shot[edit | edit source]

While jumping, there is a frame or two where you are registered as being half a level higher than the place you started from. It is therefore possible to shoot while jumping and hit normally unreachable areas.

Melee Cancel[edit | edit source]

The finishing strike of a melee combo can be cancelled by immediately dashing. This avoids the lengthy spin strike animation, allowing for a faster recovery.