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Location icon Ba'kii Kum
A quiet Shad village set in a small ravine in Maroon Valley.
Rooms 13
Trader icon Traders 14
Quest icon Quests {{{quest_count}}}
Normal chest Normal 3
Bronze chest Bronze 1
Silver chest Silver 1
Gold chest Gold 0
Key chest Key 0
Master Key chest Master Key 0
Total 5
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Ba'kii Kum is a location in CrossWorlds. It is a small village inhabited primarily by Shad, and located at the western end of Maroon Valley. It is the third town reached in the game.

Ba'kii Kum
Ba'kii Kum is the home of the native people of Shadoon, the Shad. The name derives from the language the Shad speak and roughly translates to Burned Village. Quite fitting because a normal day in Ba'kii Kum has a temperature of 36° Celsius.

The greatest attraction of the village is its market and culture and a statue which Seekers must visit before they can enter Faj'ro Temple. Other than that, they live off what Maroon Valley offers them. Water from cacti, meat from Vulturbines, and plants from the oasis. The Shad try to live a life close to nature and most technology found in Ba'kii Kum is a product of the humans' relationship with them or broken parts left behind by the Track of the Ancients.

-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

Ba'kii Kum has two large main areas. The northern one, which connects to Maroon Valley, has a large solar farm, while the southern one holds the market to the east and the Quest Hub to the west. Most of the area is immediately accessible, but the Distillery is only unlocked during the Steamy Booze quest.

Connecting regions[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

In-game map of Ba'kii Kum
Areas of Ba'kii Kum
# Area Name Floor
1 Solar Farm GF
2 Market

Landmark: Plaza

3 Baki Guard HQ GF
4 Seeker Hub GF
5 Seeker Hub 2nd Floor 1F
6 Seeker Hub Cellar U1
7 Shop GF
8 Arid Breeze HQ GF
9 Dusty Home GF
10 Shad Home GF
11 Baazar House GF
12 Baazar House Storage 1F
13 Distillery U1

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Click the map for a full-resolution image.
Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth Solar Farm Go up the gorge by the boxes, go left and jump over the small solar panels.
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth Solar Farm Come in by the Market on the waterfront of river.
3 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather Market Get in the palace, get off the balcony and jump on the right pillar. Then go south through the gorge.
4 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x LV28Torso-gold.pngTattered Satchel Market Leave the Bazaar House Storage and jump from the balcony to the pillar and then on the booth
5 Treasure-silver.png Silver 1 x LV33Torso-gold.pngSilver Chest Plate Bazaar House Start in the upper left. Jump directly from the shelf along the west wall over to the large central crate.
Map of routes to chests in Ba'kii Kum

Enemies[edit | edit source]

As it is a city, enemies can only be encountered in Ba'kii Kum in special situations.

Enemies of Ba'kii Kum
Name Sprite Drops Location
Legionary Turret v1
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal
Legionary Leader v1
Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal

Botanics[edit | edit source]

There are 6 types of botanic destructibles found in Ba'kii Kum.

Destroyable Contents
Alpha Dry Cactone
25 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere but Oasis region.13 to unlock
Beta Dry Cactone
25 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere but Oasis region.13 to unlock
Alpha Dry Shrub
25 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere but Oasis region.13 to unlock
Beta Dry Shrub
25 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Commonly found everywhere but Oasis region.13 to unlock
Omega Dry Shrub
10 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Rarely found everywhere but Oasis region.5 to unlock
Sprout of Space
1 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Found on top of a house in Ba'kii Kum.1 to unlock

To reach the Sprout of Space rare destructible, start from the Bazaar House 2nd floor,from here it is possible to jump onto the roofs to the right, use the pillar to reach the roof of the Arid Breeze HQ.Walk north into the next zone to find it.

Traders[edit | edit source]

  • Ba'kii Kum Heals – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich 950 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set, 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Berry Tea 1050 Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set, Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set, Trade-silver.pngSpice Set
  • Ba'kii Kum Buffs – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFlaming Bun 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Salad 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngTofu Cracker 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Wraps 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
  • Ba'kii Kum Discount – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV24Weapon-silver.pngRapier Carrot 8870 Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrot, 14x Trade-white.pngVivid Water, 3x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth, 5x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger
LV24Hat-silver.pngFin Cap 9180 16x Trade-white.pngOld Bones, 3x Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, 4x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, 2x Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin
LV24Torso-silver.pngDessert Vest 9230 14x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, 10x Trade-bronze.pngPalmapple Seed, 10x Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth
LV24Legs-silver.pngDesert Sandals 9050 21x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, 12x Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber, 9x Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic, 3x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather
  • Ba'kii Kum Weapons – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV28Weapon-silver.pngHidden Blade 17770 7x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 7x Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, 7x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, Trade-silver.pngHardened Liver
LV29Weapon-silver.pngGunner's Trigger 19210 11x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 3x Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut, Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes, 4x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears
LV30Weapon-silver.pngMaverick Edge 20530 22x Trade-white.pngOld Bones, 4x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth, 9x Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin, 2x Trade-silver.pngMagma Residue
LV31Weapon-silver.pngWestern Starfist 23460 12x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 9x Trade-bronze.pngPalmapple Seed, 7x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather, 4x Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth
  • Ba'kii Kum Head – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV28Hat-silver.pngNomadic Turban 20280 27x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, 14x Trade-bronze.pngGlaring Rock, 4x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather, 4x Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone
LV30Hat-silver.pngChilling Veil 23300 17x Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, 17x Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic, 4x Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, 2x Trade-bronze.pngJelly Extract
LV31Hat-silver.pngShiny Glasses 25720 29x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, 12x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, 4x Trade-silver.pngLucid Shard, 2x Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes
  • Ba'kii Kum Torso – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV29Torso-silver.pngAssassin Garb 20280 24x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, 7x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth, 6x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, 3x Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth
LV30Torso-silver.pngMagic Robe 23300 19x Trade-white.pngVivid Water, 8x Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic, 5x Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk, Trade-silver.pngMagma Residue
LV31Torso-silver.pngCrystal Plate 25720 33x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, 8x Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, 7x Trade-silver.pngLucid Shard, 6x Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone
  • Ba'kii Kum Legs – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV28Legs-silver.pngCurly Slippers 17970 19x Trade-white.pngOld Bones, 14x Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, 4x Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut, 5x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather
LV29Legs-silver.pngLavish Anchors 19910 9x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 17x Trade-white.pngOld Bones, 3x Trade-silver.pngLucid Shard, 2x Trade-silver.pngHardened Liver
LV30Legs-silver.pngCarpet Runners 22810 18x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, 16x Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber, 6x Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin, 4x Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk
  • Ba'kii Kum Maroon Loot – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin 600 2x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, 2x Trade-white.pngTough Sand
Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone 700 Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin, Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber, Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic
Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather 800 Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin, Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber, Trade-bronze.pngGlaring Rock
Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth 1050 Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone, Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather, Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem
  • Ba'kii Kum Temple Loot – Located in Market after obtaining the Cold element.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk 1300 2x Trade-bronze.pngPoison Stinger, Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone, Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth, Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem
Trade-bronze.pngJelly Extract 1150 Trade-bronze.pngDry Fin, Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk, Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut
Trade-silver.pngMagma Residue 2250 2x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather, Trade-bronze.pngJelly Extract, Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth, Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem
Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes 2400 Trade-silver.pngHardened Liver, Trade-bronze.pngJelly Extract, Trade-silver.pngLucid Shard, Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem
  • Ba'kii Kum Metal – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal 90 2x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, Trade-white.pngOld Bones, Trade-white.pngVivid Water
Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal 450 2x Trade-white.pngJunk Metal, 2x Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber, Trade-bronze.pngGlaring Rock, Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic
  • Ba'kii Kum Trade Sets – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set 100 Trade-white.pngVivid Water, Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, Trade-bronze.pngArid Lumber
Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set 100 2x Trade-white.pngTough Sand, Trade-bronze.pngPalmapple Seed
Trade-silver.pngSpice Set 250 Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut
  • Ba'kii Kum Refreshments – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVanilla Ice Cream 600 Trade-white.pngBergen Ice, Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngCrystal Water 888 5x Trade-white.pngVivid Water, 5x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, Trade-silver.pngSpice Set
  • The Digger – Located in Market.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV30Weapon-gold.pngGiga Spiral Drill 50000 LV10Weapon-gold.pngCore Drill, Trade-gold.pngSpiral Gem, 20x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 11x Trade-bronze.pngDrill Stone
  • Brewing – Located in Distillery after the Steamy Booze quest.
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-silver.pngBrewing Kit: Bear 2500 7x Trade-white.pngVivid Water, 5x Trade-bronze.pngSeason Apples, 4x Trade-bronze.pngCactone Fruit, 2x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada
Trade-silver.pngBrewing Kit: Crab[1] 2500 7x Trade-white.pngCommon Planter, 5x Trade-bronze.pngRipe Apples, 4x Trade-bronze.pngHelix Relic, 2x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear
Trade-silver.pngBrewing Kit: Whale 2500 7x Trade-white.pngCrystal Leek, 5x Trade-bronze.pngTwilight Dew, 4x Trade-bronze.pngPalmapple Seed, 2x Trade-silver.pngCrimson Dragonfly
  1. Available after the Steamy Challenge quest

Shops[edit | edit source]

Ba'kii Kum has only basic item and equipment shops.

Baki Arsenal
  • Baki Arsenal – Located in Shop.
Item Credits
LV18Hat-bronze.pngIron Goggles 4700
LV27Hat-bronze.pngSteel Goggles 15850
LV18Weapon-bronze.pngIron Edge 4500
LV27Weapon-bronze.pngSteel Edge 15800
LV18Torso-bronze.pngIron Mail 4800
LV27Torso-bronze.pngSteel Mail 16100
LV18Legs-bronze.pngIron Boots 4700
LV27Legs-bronze.pngSteel Boots 15950
Baki Oasis
  • Baki Oasis – Located in Shop.
Item Credits
Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich 100
Item-consumable-white.pngHi-Sandwich 300
Item-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea 250
Item-consumable-bronze.pngJust Water 222
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSpicy Bun 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Drink 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngRice Cracker 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Sticks 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngBergen Ice Cream 450
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Lemonjuice 450

Quests[edit | edit source]

The quests that can be started in Ba'kii Kum are:

Trophies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trophies
Maroon Landmarks
Find all landmarks in Ba'kii Kum.
Maroon Scavenger
Obtain all chests in Ba'kii Kum; see #Chests.

Secrets and Challenges[edit | edit source]

A hidden NPC in Dusty Home who can only be reached with the Cold element gives you a Valuable-key.pngCursed Coin, which is necessary to reach the Cursed Sharkster miniboss. The brewing challenge from Steamy Booze can be repeated for high scores and additional drink consumables.