Basin Keep

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Basin Keep
Basin Keep.png
A techno-castle built on an island inside Gaia's Garden where it always rains.
Rooms Loc-Icon.png 10
Treasures Treasure-default.png Normal 0
Treasure-key.png Key 0
Treasure-masterkey.png Masterkey 0
Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1
Treasure-silver.png Silver 1
Treasure-gold.png Gold 2
Total 4
Traders Trade-white.png 18

Basin Keep is a Location in CrossWorlds, and the fourth city reached in the game. It is a city of tall buildings and neon lights, located on an island in the middle of Gaia's Garden. The weather here is always dark and rainy.

Layout[edit | edit source]

There are three main areas in Basin Keep. The central area holds a trader marketplace, as well as shops and the seeker hub. To the east is a slum area, with several black market sections which require a pass to access. The western area of the city is an upper-class neighbourhood.

Connecting Regions[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Area Number Area Name
1 Centrum
2 High Grounds
3 Pond Slums
4 Corner Mall floor 1
5 Corner Mall floor 2
6 The Boosi Business
7 Pumpkin Fun Land
8 Pumpkin Fun Finale
9 Calzone Shop
10 Calzone Basement
Area Number Landmark Name
1 Rainy City Square

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Pumpkin Fun Land (during the Pumpkin Fun Land sidequest only)
Pumpkin Fun Finale (during the Pumpkin Fun Land sidequest only)

Shops and Traders[edit | edit source]

There are several shops and traders in Basin Keep. Many of the rare equipment traders are located in the slums black markets, and the Valuable-key.pngPond Slums Pass obtained from the Mushroom Kingdom quest is required to reach them.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Note that you cannot sell items to the vending machine, for obvious reasons, or to the Calzone Shop.

Name Location Merchandise
Items N' Goods Corner Mall floor 1
Basin Arsenal Corner Mall floor 2
Vending Machine Centrum +
Calzone Shop Calzone Shop (after the Mushroom Kingdom quest)

+ Although there are many vending machines located throughout the city, only the ones in the mid-east and southwest of the Centrum area can be interacted with.

Traders[edit | edit source]

Name Location Trade Offers
Basin Keep Heals Centrum
Trade Offers
Sandwich FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 2 Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 2 CreditIcon.png 950 Credits

Sandwich FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-white.pngMega-Sandwich TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 4 Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 4 Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 2100 Credits

GreenTea FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Berry Tea TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 1050 Credits

Basin Buffs 1 Centrum
Trade Offers
RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngTofu Cracker TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 2 CreditIcon.png 550 Credits

RiceCracker FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngCheese Cracker TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 4 Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 1700 Credits

VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Wraps TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 2 CreditIcon.png 550 Credits

VeggieSticks FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Burger TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 4 Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 1700 Credits

Basin Buffs 2 Centrum
Trade Offers
SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngFlaming Bun TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 2 CreditIcon.png 550 Credits

SpicyBun FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngBlazing Bun TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 4 Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 1700 Credits

FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Salad TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 2 CreditIcon.png 550 Credits

FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Pie TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 4 Trade-silver.pngSpice Set CreditIcon.png 1700 Credits

Basin Weapons Centrum
Trade Offers
LV45Weapon-silver.pngAehre TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngWhite Grain x 26 Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut x 15 Trade-bronze.pngSlime Drop x 6 CreditIcon.png 51700 Credits

LV46Weapon-silver.pngLawkeeper's Fist TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit x 4 Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal x 6 Trade-bronze.pngLazy Claw x 2 CreditIcon.png 54904 Credits

LV47Weapon-silver.pngSneaky Shiv TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngGlowing Sphere x 31 Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit x 13 Trade-bronze.pngPlain Cube x 6 Trade-silver.pngSea Disc x 3 CreditIcon.png 58999 Credits

LV47Weapon-silver.pngSilver Hawk TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngRoyal Hive x 6 Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal x 3 Trade-bronze.pngMetal Down x 3 Trade-silver.pngLiving Bolt x 2 CreditIcon.png 60300 Credits

Basin Head Centrum
Trade Offers
LV45Hat-silver.pngElectrician's Cap TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngCrimson Dragonfly x 3 Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal x 4 Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball x 2 CreditIcon.png 52220 Credits

LV46Hat-silver.pngFaedora TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngVenom Shroom x 23 Trade-silver.pngElder Wood x 7 Trade-bronze.pngHuge Nut x 4 Trade-bronze.pngMetal Down CreditIcon.png 55990 Credits

LV47Hat-silver.pngMystic Mohawk TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 35 Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit x 12 Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball x 9 Trade-bronze.pngPower Spinach x 6 CreditIcon.png 59150 Credits

Basin Torso Centrum
Trade Offers
LV45Torso-silver.pngLoose Trenchcoat TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngBlue Mango x 13 Trade-silver.pngRoyal Hive x 3 Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin x 7 CreditIcon.png 52510 Credits

LV46Torso-silver.pngSurvival Plate TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCommon Planter x 22 Trade-bronze.pngSteel Comb x 17 Trade-silver.pngStout Backplate x 3 Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear x 4 CreditIcon.png 56200 Credits

LV47Torso-silver.pngRootweave TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngBlue Mango x 33 Trade-silver.pngVirus Root x 14 Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom x 6 GreenTea FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngPepper Night Tea x 5 CreditIcon.png 59851 Credits

Basin Legs Centrum
Trade Offers
LV45Legs-silver.pngPathfinders TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 24 Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada x 6 Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit x 3 Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom x 5 CreditIcon.png 51360 Credits

LV46Legs-silver.pngUrban Sneakers TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngExotic Resin x 21 Trade-silver.pngVirus Root x 9 Trade-bronze.pngSlime Drop x 8 Trade-bronze.pngPlain Cube x 2 CreditIcon.png 55311 Credits

LV47Legs-silver.pngHydraulic Anchors TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngVenom Shroom x 42 Trade-bronze.pngSteel Comb x 30 Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear x 8 Trade-silver.pngLiving Bolt x 4 CreditIcon.png 59460 Credits

Basin Metals Centrum
Trade Offers
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 2 Trade-white.pngCommon Planter Trade-white.pngVenom Shroom CreditIcon.png 90 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngJunk Metal x 2 Trade-bronze.pngSteel Comb x 2 Trade-bronze.pngGlowing Sphere Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut CreditIcon.png 1000 Credits

Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal x 2 Trade-silver.pngElder Wood x 2 Trade-silver.pngVirus Root x 2 CreditIcon.png 5000 Credits

Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal x 2 Trade-silver.pngElder Wood x 2 Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit CreditIcon.png 5000 Credits

Basin Sets Centrum
Trade Offers
Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCommon Planter Trade-white.pngBlue Mango Trade-bronze.pngSteel Comb CreditIcon.png 100 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 2 Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut CreditIcon.png 100 Credits

Trade-silver.pngSpice Set TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngElder Wood Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit CreditIcon.png 250 Credits

Trade-silver.pngSpice Set TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngElder Wood Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit CreditIcon.png 250 Credits

Basin Loot Gaia's Garden Centrum
Trade Offers
Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngHuge Nut Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 3 Trade-bronze.pngSteel Comb x 2 CreditIcon.png 1060 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngHuge Nut TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom Trade-white.pngBlue Mango x 3 Trade-bronze.pngExotic Resin x 2 CreditIcon.png 1337 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball Trade-white.pngCommon Planter x 3 Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut x 2 CreditIcon.png 1450 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear Trade-white.pngVenom Shroom x 3 Trade-bronze.pngGlowing Sphere x 2 CreditIcon.png 1390 Credits

Trade-bronze.pngLazy Claw TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngSlime Drop x 4 Trade-silver.pngVirus Root x 2 Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit CreditIcon.png 1750 Credits

Basin Discount A Centrum
Trade Offers
LV37Weapon-silver.pngHunter's Bolt TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngRipe Apples x 7 Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps x 4 Trade-bronze.pngHuge Nut x 2 CreditIcon.png 31313 Credits

LV38Weapon-silver.pngSunset Claw TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngSunset Dew x 19 Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada x 4 Trade-bronze.pngLazy Claw CreditIcon.png 35800 Credits

LV37Torso-silver.pngPetal Cloak TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngParched Leaves x 20 Trade-bronze.pngSunset Dew x 9 Trade-bronze.pngSlime Drop GreenTea FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea x 5 CreditIcon.png 32700 Credits

LV38Torso-silver.pngRamming Shell TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut x 9 Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin x 3 CreditIcon.png 36630 Credits

Basin Discount B Centrum
Trade Offers
LV37Hat-silver.pngRed Bandana TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngBlue Mango x 12 Trade-bronze.pngRipe Apples x 7 Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada x 4 Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom CreditIcon.png 32450 Credits

LV38Hat-silver.pngNifty Grey Shades TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngWhite Grain x 20 Trade-silver.pngCrimson Dragonfly x 4 Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps x 3 CreditIcon.png 36001 Credits

LV37Legs-silver.pngShinkickers TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngWhite Grain x 13 Trade-silver.pngCrimson Dragonfly x 2 Trade-silver.pngElder Wood x 2 Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles x 2 CreditIcon.png 32050 Credits

LV38Legs-silver.pngStable Footguard TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCommon Planter x 12 Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada x 2 Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal x 2 Trade-bronze.pngSolid Bubble x 2 CreditIcon.png 35760 Credits

Backstreet Buffs Pond Slums
Trade Offers
FruitSalad FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-silver.pngGinger Tom. Salad TradeArrow.png

Trade-silver.pngSpice Set Trade-bronze.pngGlowing Sphere x 4 Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit Trade-bronze.pngHuge Nut CreditIcon.png 800 Credits

GreenTea FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngPepper Night Tea TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 3 Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 3 Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit x 2 Trade-bronze.pngPower Spinach CreditIcon.png 3400 Credits

Espresso FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngEnergy Espresso TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set x 3 Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut x 4 Trade-silver.pngVirus Root x 2 Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball CreditIcon.png 500 Credits

Pistachio FoodIcon.pngItem-consumable-bronze.pngPrime Pistachios TradeArrow.png

Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set x 3 Trade-bronze.pngSpiky Nut x 4 Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit x 2 Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom CreditIcon.png 500 Credits

Basin Weapon Supreme Pond Slums
Trade Offers
LV47Weapon-gold.pngExcalibro TradeArrow.png

Trade-white.pngCurly Farn x 30 Trade-white.pngVenom Shroom x 30 Trade-white.pngBlue Mango x 30 CreditIcon.png 50000 Credits

Old Man Pond Slums (leaves after trading)
Trade Offers
LV51Weapon-gold.pngGalaxy Spiral Drill TradeArrow.png

LV30Weapon-gold.pngGiga Spiral Drill Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit x 5 Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal x 10 Trade-platinum.pngInfinity Gemr CreditIcon.png 50000 Credits

The Huckleberry Pond Slums
Trade Offers
LV50Weapon-gold.pngGolden Revolver TradeArrow.png

LV29Weapon-silver.pngGunner's Trigger Trade-white.pngGold Beetle x 20 Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits x 20 Trade-bronze.pngExotic Resin x 10 CreditIcon.png 60000 Credits

Alladin's Turf Pond Slums
Trade Offers
LV48Hat-gold.pngBandit's Scarf TradeArrow.png

LV25Hat-gold.pngThief's Band Trade-bronze.pngPalette Blossom x 15 Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem x 5 Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal x 2 CreditIcon.png 50000 Credits

Big Stick Rikh Pond Slums
Trade Offers
LV51Weapon-gold.pngBigger Stick TradeArrow.png

LV41Weapon-silver.pngRough Branch x 2 Trade-bronze.pngExotic Resin x 50 Trade-silver.pngRoyal Hive x 15 Trade-bronze.pngPower Spinach x 5 CreditIcon.png 66666 Credits

Quests[edit | edit source]

The page Basin Keep/Quests has information on the sidequests that can be obtained in Basin Keep.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

The game lists 5 treasures in Basin Keep, one of which is inside the currently inaccessible quest hub. Of the other four, three are technically reachable but do not spawn, leaving only one obtainable treasure.


Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-gold.png Gold 1 x Trade-gold.pngTremor Engine Pond Slums Collect the Valuable-key.pngPond Slums Pass to reach this chest.
2 Treasure-silver.png Silver 1 x Valuable-key.pngPrecursor Shard Pond Slums Does not spawn.
3 Treasure-gold.png Gold 1 x Valuable-key.pngPrecursor Shard Pond Slums Does not spawn.
4 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x Valuable-key.pngPrecursor Shard Centrum Does not spawn.