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Location icon Bergen Village
Bergen Village.png
A sleepy village hidden in the snowy heights of Mount Berg.
Rooms 23
Trader icon Traders 12
Quest icon Quests {{{quest_count}}}
Normal chest Normal 11
Bronze chest Bronze 4
Silver chest Silver 1
Gold chest Gold 1
Key chest Key 0
Master Key chest Master Key 0
Total 17
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Bergen Village, also known as simply Bergen, is a location in CrossWorlds. It is a small mountain village located at the top of Bergen Trail.

Bergen Village
Bergen is a small, snowy village near the top of Mount Bergen. It was founded next to a temple of the Ancients to turn it into a mine and exploit the resources inside. The large building north of the village was once used as an inn but is now used as the town hall and place of reception.
-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

Bergen Village is a maze of narrow alleys and tightly-clustered buildings. At the north end of the village, a large plaza holds a teleporter that is connected to CrossCentral. Just north of this is the village's main building, a former inn around which the rest of the village was built. It is currently used as a greeting hall.

The regions adjoining Bergen Village are Bergen Trail via Bergen South, Temple Mine via Temple Mine Entrance, and Maroon Valley via the sky rails in Diving Railway. The Ye Old Inn Teleporter in Bergen North connects directly to CrossCentral in Rhombus Square.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

Click the image for a full-resolution map.
Rooms of Bergen Village
# Room/Landmark Floor
1 Bergen South

Landmark: South Checkpoint

2 Bergen North

Landmark: Ye old Inn

3 Temple Mine Entrance GF
4 Diving Railway GF
5 Storage Room GF
6 Bergen Guard HQ GF
7 Bergen Bar GF
8 House 1 GF
9 House 2 GF
10 Omni Gilder's Base GF
11 Omni Gilder's Basement U1
12 Inn GF
13 Bergen Monastery GF
14 Trader's Den GF
15 Shop GF
16 Seeker Hub GF
17 Seeker Hub Cellar U1
18 Digging Mates HQ GF
19 Miner's Elevator G GF
20 Miner's Elevator B1 U1
21 New Mine #1 U1
22 Cave of Aspiration GF
23 Cave of Progression GF
24 Holiday Man Cave GF

Chests[edit | edit source]

Bergen Village has 17 chests in total.

Click the image for a full-resolution map.
Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default.png Normal 6 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngJust Water Storage Room
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Lemonjuice Bergen South
3 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 3 x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears Bergen South Collect the Heat element and the Valuable-key.pngThief's Key from the Temple Mine to reach here.
4 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x LV21Weapon-silver.pngCopper Gull Bergen South Collect the Heat element and the Valuable-key.pngThief's Key from the Temple Mine to reach here.
5 Treasure-gold.png Gold 1 x LV54Torso-gold.pngGolden Chest Plate Bergen South Access from the roofs of Bergen North. The Valuable-key.pngRadiant Key is required.
6 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Trade-white.pngBug Shell Bergen North
7 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Item-consumable-silver.pngGinger Tom. Salad Bergen North Reach by following the roofs counterclockwise around the square from the Quest Hub.
8 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 x Item-consumable-white.pngMega-Sandwich Bergen North Collect the Heat element from the Temple Mine to reach here.
9 Treasure-silver.png Silver 3 x Item-consumable-white.pngCross Sandwich Bergen North The Valuable-key.pngWhite Key is required to open this.
10 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngVanilla Ice Cream Diving Railway Enter on the south ledge from Bergen North to reach here.
11 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Valuable-key.pngMine Pass Seeker Hub Cellar Obtained during the Bergen Mine briefing.
12 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x LV22Torso-gold.pngBronze Chest Plate Seeker Hub Cellar
13 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Valuable-key.pngAspiration Proof Cave of Aspiration Complete the Trial of Aspiration to reach this.
14 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Valuable-key.pngProgression Proof Cave of Progression Complete the Trial of Progression to reach this.
15 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Valuable-key.pngFlintzer Excretions New Mine #1 Complete the Explosive Debugging quest to spawn this chest.
16 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Valuable-key.pngStorage Unit #1 Omni Gilders Basement
17 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x LV25Weapon-silver.pngPrickly Bracer Omni Gilders Basement After obtaining Valuable-key.pngStorage Unit #1 return by going above the boxes to reach this.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemies of Bergen Village
Flintzer-sprite.png FlintzerMeister-karotto-sprite.png Meister Karotto
Enemies of Bergen Village
Name Sprite Drops Location
Bug Shell, Blue Orb New Mine #1
Meister Karotto (boss)
None Holiday Man Cave (during Gifting for Fun!)

Botanics[edit | edit source]

The Sprout of Valor rare destructible is on top of a roof in Bergen South. You must travel south on the rooftops from the Bergen North to reach it.

Name Sprite Drop rates & unlock amount Location & unlock amount
Beta Pike Shrub
40 Commonly found everywhere where no snow falls. 20
Omega Pike Shrub
15 Rarely found in lower parts where no snow falls. 8
Alpha Plume Bush
40 Commonly found everywhere where snow falls. 20
Beta Plume Bush
40 Commonly found everywhere where snow falls. 20
Omega Plume Bush
15 Rarely found on high grounds where snow falls. 8
Alpha Lance Shrub
40 Commonly found everywhere where snow falls. 20
Beta Lance Shrub
40 Commonly found everywhere where snow falls. 20
Sprout of Valor
1 Found at the top of a house in Bergen Village. 1

Traders[edit | edit source]

Most traders in Bergen Village are members of Bergen Trade & Metalwork, located in Trader's Den.

  • Bergen Heals – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Item-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich 950 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set, 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Berry Tea 1050 1x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set, 1x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set, 1x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set
  • Bergen Buffs – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFlaming Bun 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Salad 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngTofu Cracker 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Wraps 550 2x Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set
  • Bergen Weapons – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
LV19Weapon-silver.pngClimbing Pick 5050 6x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 16x Trade-white.pngPike Wood, 3x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn, 1x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears
LV20Weapon-silver.pngHardwood Stave 5555 6x Trade-white.pngBug Shell, 3x Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrot, 19x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 14x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits
LV21Weapon-silver.pngCopper Gull 6180 10x Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, 7x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 3x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears, 1x Trade-silver.pngPerforated Tophat
LV21Weapon-silver.pngRocksplitter 5970 10x Trade-bronze.pngRock Beak, 11x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump, 13x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits, 5x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear
  • Bergen Head – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
LV17Hat-silver.pngEdgy Headphones 4170 8x Trade-bronze.pngHeadphone Scraps, 11x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 8x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits, 6x Trade-silver.pngAzure Dragonfly
LV19Hat-silver.pngFurry Cap 5080 14x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 3x Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin, 13x Trade-bronze.pngSeason Apples, 3x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear
LV21Hat-silver.pngLongears 6310 8x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 4x Trade-silver.pngDiabolic Horns, 4x Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrot, 6x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear
  • Bergen Torso – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
LV17Torso-silver.pngSpiky Jacket 4230 12x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, 4x Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin, 4x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada, 4x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn
LV19Torso-silver.pngHardrock Plate 5130 13x Trade-bronze.pngRock Beak, 13x Trade-white.pngPike Wood, 5x Trade-white.pngBug Shell, 7x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada
LV21Torso-silver.pngBubblebelt 6380 11x Trade-bronze.pngSolid Bubble, 35x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 6x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear, 2x Trade-silver.pngBlue Orb
  • Bergen Legs – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
LV17Legs-silver.pngFeline Paws 4200 7x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 10x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, 9x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 2x Trade-silver.pngDiabolic Horns
LV19Legs-silver.pngIcewalkers 5110 10x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Needles, 12x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump, 5x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn, 5x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal
  • Bergen Loot – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Trade-bronze.pngRock Beak 350 2x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 2x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf
Trade-bronze.pngSolid Bubble 400 2x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 2x Trade-white.pngPike Wood
Trade-silver.pngDiabolic Horns 500 1x Trade-bronze.pngRock Beak, 1x Trade-bronze.pngSolid Bubble, 2x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump, 2x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits
Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrot 650 2x Trade-silver.pngDiabolic Horns, 1x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear, 1x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn
Trade-silver.pngPerforated Tophat 1700 2x Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrot, 3x Trade-white.pngBug Shell, 1x Trade-silver.pngBlue Orb
  • Bergen Metals – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal 90 2x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 2x Trade-white.pngPike Wood
Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal 450 2x Trade-white.pngJunk Metal, 2x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits, 2x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump
  • Bergen Sets – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Trade-bronze.pngVeggie Set 100 2x Trade-white.pngFeather Leaf, 1x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump
Trade-bronze.pngFruit Set 100 2x Trade-white.pngPike Wood, 1x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits
Trade-silver.pngSpice Set 250 1x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear, 1x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn
  • Hatmaker – Located in Bergen North. Available after completing Fancy Tophat
Offered Credits Required
LV20Hat-silver.pngProper Tophat 7500 2x Trade-silver.pngPerforated Tophat, 7x Trade-bronze.pngFluffy Fur, 5x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn
  • Gem Dealer – Located in Trader's Den
Offered Credits Required
Trade-gold.pngSpiral Gem 1 20x Trade-white.pngPike Wood, 10x Trade-bronze.pngRusty Bits, 10x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump, 1x Trade-silver.pngDropped Mic
  • Digging Mates Helmet – Located in Digging Mates HQ
Offered Credits Required
LV25Hat-silver.pngMiner's Helmet 9500 20x Trade-bronze.pngPurple Ore Lump, 6x Trade-bronze.pngRefined Metal, 5x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears, 2x Trade-silver.pngBlue Orb

Shops[edit | edit source]

There are two shops in Bergen Village, both in Shop (of course).

Bergen Provisions
  • Bergen Provisions – Located in Shop
Item Credits
Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich 100
Item-consumable-white.pngHi-Sandwich 300
Item-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea 250
Item-consumable-bronze.pngJust Water 222
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSpicy Bun 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Drink 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngRice Cracker 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Sticks 200
Bergen Weaponry
  • Bergen Weaponry – Located in Shop
Item Credits
LV18Hat-bronze.pngIron Goggles 4700
LV18Weapon-bronze.pngIron Edge 4500
LV18Torso-bronze.pngIron Mail 4800
LV18Legs-bronze.pngIron Boots 4700

Quests[edit | edit source]

The quests that can be started in Bergen Village are: