Blue Cargo Crab

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Mechanical Blue Cargo Crab
Location Location Autumn's Rise
Level 12
Type Mechanical
Sub Type Unknown Mecha
Max HP Unknown
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
Focus Unknown
Resistance None
Credits Unknown

Please note that this item has been removed from Crosscode and is currently unavailable. It may, however, return later.

The Blue Cargo Crab is a boss in CrossCode. It can't be found, since it has (temporarily) been removed from the game.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Blue Cargo Crab is a large robotic crab. Its body is cylindrical and made of dark gray metal, with extensive blue plating along the edges. It has six segmented legs, with blue plating along the upper segment, and two claws. Its left claw is small and blue and greatly resembles an organic crab claw, while its much larger right claw is plain metal and obviously articulated. All legs and claws are attached to its body with large sockets.

At the front of its body, the Blue Cargo Crab has two large eyes, which are normally black, but may display a red icon based on the crab's current activities. On top of its back is a large blue shipping crate, from which it derives its name. While stunned, the crate unfolds into a ramp, revealing a gray crystal hidden inside it.

The Blue Cargo Crab is very similar in appearance to the weaker Huge Hostile Crab, but has a different coloration.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The battle against the Blue Cargo Crab takes place in three stages, separated by HP Breaks. Although the difficulty of the battle increases in each subsequent stage, the fight style changes very little. During standard combat, the Cargo Crab alternates through a series of attacks, and is almost invulnerable to damage. Eventually, it will stun itself, which reveals its weak point.

The crab has three standard attacks that it can use. The first is a shockwave created by hitting the ground with its claw, which follows the player. At later stages of the battle, it will do this multiple times in a row. The second attack is releasing a large swarm of bubbles that spread across the whole arena. At later stages, the bubbles are more numerous and home in on Lea more strongly. The third attack is a simple jump towards Lea, dealing high damage if it lands on top of her. The attacks used are largely dependent on your position relative to the crab, so depending on your play style, it is entirely possible to complete the battle without seeing one of them.

After using the three attacks for a while, the crab launches a special attack that always proceeds being stunned. This consists of three consecutive jumps, much quicker than the standard jump attack, with the last one being very high. On landing from the last jump, the crate on the crab's back opens, revealing its weak point, the hidden crystal. After being stunned for a short period of time, the crab creates an explosion around the crystal, which damages the player and knocks them off its back. It will then return to alternating between the three main attacks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Damaging the Blue Cargo Crab while it isn't stunned is not generally a feasible plan. Generally, you should avoid its attacks until it stuns itself, and hit its weak point then. The shockwave and jumping attacks can be dodged by Dashing, while Guarding is effective against the bubble attack. When hitting the weak point, watch for blue sparks signalling that the explosion attack is imminent, but remember that hitting an HP Break will disrupt the attack. For a more detailed strategy, see Tactical Strategies.

Development Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Blue Cargo Crab first appeared in the original demo and has been in all subsequent updates except the Shortened Demo, where it was part of the removed content.
  • Even though the Blue Cargo Crab is one of the weaker bosses currently in the game, it gives the most Credits of all the monsters in Crosscode