Buff Bloomy

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Abstract Boss Buff Bloomy
Location Location Gaia's Garden
Level 47
Type Abstract Boss
Sub Type Floral Infector
HP-Icon.png Max HP 38500
Atk-Icon.png Attack 247
Def-Icon.png Defense 239
Foc-Icon.png Focus 246
Resistance Heat -20%
Cold 45%
Shock 80%
Wave -40%
Credits Credits 2222
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngPower Spinach 100%
Item-consumable-green.pngDk Pepper 100%

Buff Bloomy is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden, in the Wet Passage, as part of the quest Rooting for Power.

Abstract Boss.png
Buff Bloomy
A Powerplant that seems to radiate an extraordinary excess of power, unusual even for its kind.

Investigation suggests that, in a desire to further improve the buffness of its well-toned roots, it turned to dangerous substances that were meant to power experimental generators. Its body and mind were not able to handle it, so it became a danger to itself and others. It will serve as a reminder that improving one's body, no matter if root or flesh, should always be done responsibly!

-Monster Fibula report

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