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Toby Tremblay

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Toby Tremblay Ctron-icon.png
Username: C-Tron
Nerdy hexacast of the First Scholars guild

Toby Tremblay, nickname C'tron, is a new Member of the First Scholars. He is a Hexacast that wears purple-colored clothing.

Toby is a rather new member of the First Scholars. He appears to be highly knowledgeable when it comes to science which leads to a lot of displeasure whenever CrossWorlds does not hold up to his sense of realism.
-Encyclopedia People entry

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Green Seed Shade

Chase of the Hologram Frobbit

Role in CrossCode[edit | edit source]

On the third day, C'tron first makes contact with Lea as she prepares to head into Maroon Valley. He introduces himself and states that he is busy, but offers to party up with her the next day.

On the fourth day, C'tron meets up with Lea and they complete the Maroon Tree Defender quest together. They later on wait for Emilie to complete it before racing through the Faj'ro Temple.

For the next three days, he managed to complete the Chase of the Hologram Frobbit quest and get the Green Seed Shade. He then makes a raid with the rest of the guild, with Lea and Emilie in his team. But Lea's disappearance prevents him from finishing the raid, as the rest of the First Scholar guild.

Several days later, C'tron invited Emilie and Lea to the Gaia's Garden and reconcile them. They later race through the So'najiz Temple and the Zir'vitar Temple, the same day for one and the next for the other.

He then log out to let the two girls racing through the Grand Krys'kajo with Apollo, and meets Lea at the top of the temple the next day, offering to join her to explore Sapphire Ridge.

He later finish the Trials of the Golden Bugs quest after Apollo and get the Meteor Shade, along with Lea, Emilie, Apollo and Joern. He then heads to Rhombus Square to enjoy the last zone of the game with the last three.

He does not participate in the events of Vermillion Wasteland, due to an impediment in real life. He is later seen in the credits in the said area, quoting a comment made by Evotar Lukas, while Lea was held there.