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There are two Heat Throw Combat Arts available to Spheromancers: one first-level, and one second-level art.

Burn![edit | edit source]


Burn!-icon.png A controllable blazing burst of fire that deals damage over a small area. Causes Burn.

Burn! is a heat-elemental, level one Throw-type Combat Art. It costs 1 CP to activate and 1 SP to use.

Upon using it, Lea releases a short burst of flames which follow the player's cursor, damaging enemies hit and increasing their Burn status meter.

This art is especially useful for applying Burn to tightly-packed groups of enemies, as it is not a projectile and will affect them all.

Apollo uses this art during his second and third duels against Lea.

Flare Burn![edit | edit source]

Flare Burn!.gif

Flare Burn!-icon.PNG Jump into the air and fire a destructive laser along the direction you are facing. Causes Burn.

Flare Burn! is a heat-elemental, level two Throw-type Combat Art. It costs 2 CP to activate and 3 SP to use.

Upong using it, Lea jumps into the air, firing a laser towards the mouse cursor. The laser starts at her feet and moves a short distance towards the cursor before dissipating. It deals large damage and inflicts the Burn status to hit enemies. Unlike its weaker form, Burn!, Flare Burn!'s direction can not be changed after using.