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CrossCode Wiki:Style Guide/Location

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Location icon Name
Rooms 1
Trader icon Traders 1
Quest icon Quests {{{quest_count}}}
Normal chest Normal 1
Bronze chest Bronze 1
Silver chest Silver 1
Gold chest Gold 1
Key chest Key 1
Master Key chest Master Key 1
Total 6
Locations of CrossCode
M.S. SolarRhombus SquareRhombus Dungeon
Rookie HarborAutumn's RiseAutumn's Fall
Bergen TrailBergen VillageTemple Mine
Maroon ValleyBa'kii KumFaj'ro Temple
Gaia's GardenBasin KeepSo'najiz TempleZir'vitar TempleGrand Krys'kajo
Sapphire RidgeOld Hideout
Vermillion WastelandVermillion DungeonVermillion Tower

The location name, also known as alternative names, is a Location in CrossWorlds.

Location Name
contents of Encyclopedia Report if found.
-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit source]

Layout description

Connecting Regions[edit source]

Maps[edit source]

Area Number Area Name
1 Name

Monsters[edit source]

Name Locations
Monster Name (1,2,3,...)

Destroyable Items[edit source]

Destroyable Contents
2 to unlock
Loc-Icon.png Location1 to unlock

Shops and Traders[edit source]

description (optional)

Shops[edit source]

description (optional)

Name Location Merchandise
Name Location

Traders[edit source]

Name Location Trade Offers
Name Location
Trade Offers


24x24pxGet TradeArrow.png

24x24pxNeed1 x 224x24pxNeed2 x 324x24pxNeed3 x 424x24pxNeed4 x 5CreditIcon.png credits Credits

Quests[edit source]

The page location name/Quests has information on the sidequests that can be obtained in location name.

Treasures[edit source]

Acc. Type Contains Location Info
NUM x 24x24pxItemname Location-name Info (optional)