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CrossWorlds is an MMOG that blends virtual reality with an actual physical environment. The majority of CrossCode will take place in the game, following Lea as she plays CrossWorlds.

Core Mechanics[edit | edit source]

CrossWorlds takes place on a small moon which has been dedicated to the game. Remote players are linked to artificial bodies, or Avatars, and can then physically interact with the landscape of the moon. As such, CrossWorlds employs a unique mixture of physical construction and virtual, programmed elements in its design. The majority of game constructs, including the Avatars, are made of Instant Matter, a unique type of virtually-controllable matter found in high concentrations on the moon.

Joining CrossWorlds[edit | edit source]

Although CrossWorlds does not charge high fees to play, the technology required to connect to an Avatar, known as Link Gear, is prohibitively expensive. As Lea went through a non-standard entrance to the game, exact details of registering are not known, but class selection and Avatar customization are involved. New players go through the Rhombus Dungeon tutorial area to learn gameplay basics, but experienced players starting a new Avatar are given the option to skip this.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The story of CrossWorlds has players exploring abandoned alien temples to rediscover lost technology, which is known as following the Track of the Ancients.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The game makes use of Advisor NPCs, which are Avatars controlled by a somewhat-simplistic artificial intelligence, to give basic information to the players. There are also many human CrossWorlds employees, who live and work on the moon and may interact with players.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The main gameplay of CrossWorlds is based around puzzle solving and combat. Dungeons are mainly puzzle-based, with a wide range of Puzzle Elements to challenge the player. Monsters made of instant matter are commonly found throughout the game world, and can be fought for gold, experience and items. Virtual treasure chests are scattered throughout the world, and are instanced for each player. Items and equipment are specifically gaming abstractions, explaining why they don't affect the appearance of avatars and why an unlimited inventory is possible. Sidequests and item trading are frequent features offered by NPCs or other players, particularly in city areas.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Many complicated programs are involved in controlling the Instant Matter and virtual elements of the game; the exact method by which this code is implemented is unknown and probably unimportant to the story. The control code for Avatars in particular is stated to be exceptionally complicated, explaining why Sergey has such difficulty fixing Lea's speech problems.

A few physical devices allowing maintenance staff to interact with the game have been shown:

  • AR Goggles show the game's virtual elements (as these don't really exist, they're normally only visible to Avatars)
  • Jet uses a device that allows him to throw Balls when he teaches Lea combat
  • Carla is able to use a tablet interface to create Instant Matter steps
  • Jet uses a Neutralizer to get rid of the Blue Avatar, which is shown to deconstruct all nearby Instant Matter

Currency[edit | edit source]

The currency used in CrossWorlds is called the Credit. CreditIcon.png

Credits are obtained by killing enemies and completing quests. Credits are mainly used to buy items in shops and required for trading. In old versions it was also possible to reset the Circuit tree by spending Credits.