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Darth Moth

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Organic Darth Moth
Location Location Faj'ro Temple
Level 28 / 60
Type Organic
Sub Type Moth
Max HP HP-Icon.png 2000 / 18413
Attack Atk-Icon.png 114 / 357
Defense Def-Icon.png 110 / 344
Focus Foc-Icon.png 118 / 369
Resistance Heat 80%
Cold -50%
Credits Credits 266 / 1286
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk 24%
Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes 16%
Trade-gold.pngCitrine 10%
Enemies of Faj'ro Temple
Sharkster-sprite.png SharksterTim-sprite.png TimBoss-pincer-sprite.png Boss PincerPada-moth-sprite.png Pada MothDarth-moth-sprite.png Darth MothMagmanizer-sprite.png MagmanizerTrijelly-sprite.png TrijellyPinzo'jrahrrrn-sprite.png Pinzo'jrahrrrnMaster-magmoth-sprite.png Master Magmoth

The Darth Moth is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in the Faj'ro Temple. It is a variation of the more common Pada Moth.

Darth Moth
A mutation of the common Pada Moth that has somehow gained the ability to shoot a laser from its eye. That's right, a laser. They're also not fooled easily by the same tricks you could use against its weaker kind. However it still is very vulnerable to cold attacks. Best wait for an opening to throw some icy balls at them.
-Monster Fibula report

Locations[edit | edit source]

Faj'ro Temple
Test of Focus: X3 (non-respawning)
Chamber of Prosperity: X6 (non-respawning)