Faj'ro Temple

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Faj'ro Temple
Faj'ro Temple.png
An ancient temple whose shape granted it the nickname "Hourglass".
Rooms 42
Treasures Normal 7
Key 9
Masterkey 1
Bronze 1
Silver 2
Gold 0
Total 20
Traders 0
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The Faj'ro Temple, also known as the Hourglass or the Heat Dungeon, is a location in CrossWorlds. This is where Seekers obtain the Cold element, as well as the Valuable-key.pngWhite Key, allowing them to open Silver Chests.

Faj'ro Temple
This temple stands in a large ravine right before Ba'kii Kum and is the second challenge a Seeker can acquire the second element: Cold.

To enter the dungeon, however, a Seeker must visit Ba'kii Kum, hom to the Shad. Only there can they find the key to gain access to the temple.

Its unique shape granted it the nickname: Hourglass. Steam-powered furnaces, water blocks, and poles that can hold elemental charges are what Seekers must use to overcome the puzzles inside.

In contrast to the infested Temple Mine, Faj'ro Temple is home to moths, floating jellyfish, and fierce Golems.

-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

Faj'ro Temple is shaped like an hourglass. It has five floors, with the middle one being the smallest, consisting of only a single room. The path through the temple is described here:

Lea enters the temple, arriving at Balance Room 1. From here, she must pass through the Left Chambers, obtaining a key to unlock the West Ground Floor path to Balance Room 2. Here, Lea must collect three keys: one in each of the Tests of Memory, and one in the East Ground Floor path that loops back to Balance Room 1. Two of these keys are used to unlock the paths leaving the upper floor of Balance Room 2. These both lead to high ledges in Balance Room 1, and reaching both of these will allow Lea to unlock the path onward, which also requires the third key. From here, Lea will fight the midboss in the Sand Terror room and obtain the Cold element on the small Floor 2.

On reaching Floor 3, the only open path leads west to the Test of Strength. Lea must then travel through Floor 4's west pathway, the Large Fire Chamber on floor 3 (where the Valuable-key.pngWhite Key is found) and Floor 4's east pathway to reach the east rooms on Floor 3, which contain a key. Four side rooms along this path offer four additional keys, and all five keys are required to unlock the final puzzle in the South Corridor. Lea must then fight through the Chamber of Prosperity to obtain the Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Master Key and unlock the boss room.

Connecting regions[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

In-game map of Faj'ro Temple
Areas of Faj'ro Temple
# Area Name
1 Entry Test
2 Balance Room 1
3 Left Chamber 1 (GF)
4 Left Chamber 2 (GF)
5 Test of Tri
6 Fire and Sand 1
7 Fire and Sand 2
8 Test of Fire
9 Balance Room 2 (GF)
10 Balance Room 2 (1F)
11 Test of Memory 2
12 Test of Memory 1
13 Right Chamber 1 (GF)
14 Test of Vigor
15 Right Chamber 2 (GF)
16 Left Chamber 1 (1F)
17 Right Chamber 1 (1F)
18 Test of Distraction
19 Sand Terror
20 Chamber of Ice
21 Gateway
22 Bottom Chamber
23 Left Chamber (3F)
24 Test of Strength
25 West Corridor
26 West Pathway
27 Test of Surpise
28 Test of Endurance
29 West Chamber 1
30 West Chamber 2
31 Large Fire Chamber
32 East Chamber 2
33 Test of Focus
34 East Chamber 1
35 East Pathway
36 Test of Memory
37 East Corridor
38 Right Chamber (3F)
39 Test of Wisdom
40 South Corridor
41 Chamber of Prosperity
42 Blazing Lair

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemies of Faj'ro Temple
Sharkster Tim Boss Pincer Pada Moth Darth Moth Magmanizer Trijelly Pinzo'jrahrrrn Master Magmoth
Name Locations
Boss Pincer
  • Test of Memory
  • Test of Memory 1
  • Test of Memory 2
  • Test of Tri, Test of Vigor, Left Chamber 1 (1F), Test of Surprise, Large Fire Chamber, Test of Wisdom
  • Sand Terror (non-respawning)
Pada Moth
  • Test of Fire, Test of Distraction, Test of Surprise, Test of Endurance, Test of Focus, Chamber of Prosperity
Darth Moth
  • Test of Focus, Chamber of Prosperity
  • Test of Strength, Large Fire Chamber, Test of Wisdom
Pinzo'jrahrrrn (Boss)
  • Sand Terror (scripted battle)
Master Magmoth (Boss)
  • Blazing Lair (scripted battle)

Quests[edit | edit source]

There are currently no quests involving the Faj'ro Temple.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Map of chests in Faj'ro Temple
Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Left Chamber 1
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 x Trade-bronze.pngJelly Extract Fire and Sand 2
3 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngVanilla Ice Cream Balance Room 2
4 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngCrystal Water Balance Room 2
5 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory 1 Defeat the enemies
6 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory 2 Defeat the enemies
7 Treasure-default.png Normal 5 x Item-consumable-white.pngChef Sandwich Right Chamber 1
8 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Right Chamber 2
9 Treasure-default.png Normal 4 x Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk Right Chamber
10 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Trade-silver.pngMagma Residue Bottom Chamber
11 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes West Pathway
12 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Surpise Defeat the enemies
13 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key West Chamber 1)
14 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 1 x Valuable-key.pngWhite Key Large Fire Chamber
15 Treasure-silver.png Silver 2 x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal Large Fire Chamber Valuable-key.pngWhite Key needed to open this chest
16 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key East Chamber 1
17 Treasure-silver.png Silver 1 x LV35Hat-gold.pngDented Crown East Pathway Solve the Puzzle (bottom) with the Heat Element
18 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Memory Defeat the enemies
19 Treasure-key.png Key 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Key Test of Wisdom Defeat the enemies
20 Treasure-masterkey.png Masterkey 1 x Valuable-key.pngFaj'ro Master Key Chamber of Prosperity Defeat the enemies

Other notable information[edit | edit source]

It is possible to be the last or the second at the Balcony depending from the time you need for the lower part of the temple. If you need more than 60 min you will be the last at the Balcony. You lose the race against Emilie if you need more than 60 min for the upper part.