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Guard Billston

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Humanoid Boss Guard Billston
Location Location Maroon Valley
Level 33
Type Humanoid Boss
Sub Type Human Guard
Max HP HP-Icon.png 9999
Attack Atk-Icon.png 150
Defense Def-Icon.png 149
Focus Foc-Icon.png 139
Resistance Heat 25%
Wave -25%
Credits Credits 666
Enemies of Maroon Valley
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Guard Billston is a humanoid boss in CrossWorlds. He can be encountered in Maroon Valley, in the Brigand Cave, as part of the quest Just Deserts.

Humanoid Boss.png
Guard Billston
A corrupt guard that holds no respect for the Shad that are native on Shadoon. Did formerly hold a respectable position in the Maroon Baki Guard, before his crimes were uncovered.

While his sense of justice is warped, he is still a very capable fighter. He wields the standard issue Laserlance of the guards with great skill and always carries a few of his favorite sandwiches, in case the battle tires him.

-Monster Fibula report

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