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Guarding is one of the four basic combat actions, along with Melee, Balls and Dashing. Guarding can be used to greatly reduce damage from attacks that are too fast to dodge (Such as the Training Turret's ball swarm). Guarding is directional - only attacks from the direction the player is facing are reduced, although certain talents can allow to guard from all sides. It is possible to aim and rotate while guarding but it takes a while to gain full focus.

Guarding is associated with Cold and is the primary tool of Quadroguards.

Combat Arts[edit | edit source]

Guarding Combat Arts can be executed by charging while holding up guard.

Guard Arts
Level Neutral Cold Heat Wave Shock
Guard-sphere-icon.png Guard Sphere
Proximity-blast-icon.png Proximity Blast
Brisk Barrier -icon.PNG Brisk Barrier
Frozen Stance-icon.png Frozen Stance
Ring-of-fire-icon.png Ring Of Fire
Recoil Trumpet-icon.PNG Recoil Trumpet
Guarding Gale-icon.PNG Guarding Gale
Pain Grip-icon.PNG Pain Grip
Clock Block -icon.PNG Clock Block
Blade Sphere-icon.PNG Blade Sphere
Vortex Blast-icon.PNG Vortex Blast
Icy Bastion-icon.png Icy Bastion
Freeze Frame-icon.png Freeze Frame
Burning Pulse-icon.PNG Burning Pulse
Kindling Farfare-icon.PNG Kindling Fanfare
Circle of Valor-icon.PNG Circle of Valor
Poltergeist-icon.PNG Poltergeist
Glitch Time -icon.PNG Glitch Time
Fimbulvetr-icon.png Fimbulvetr
Crystal-keeper-icon.png Crystal Keeper
Ancient-sun-icon.png Ancient Sun
Ignite-embers-icon.png Ignite Embers
Karma-scale-icon.png Karma Scale

Gallery[edit | edit source]