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Location Loc-Icon.png Sapphire Ridge
Level 1
Type Humanoid Boss.png Humanoid Boss
Sub Type Not really Human
Max HP HP-Icon.png 100
Attack Atk-Icon.png 10
Defense Def-Icon.png 5
Focus Foc-Icon.png 5
Resistance None
EXP at equal level EXP-Icon.png 1
Credits CreditIcon.png 0

Henry is a Boss in CrossCode. It can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge, in the Henry's Hideout , as part of the quest Henry Trailblazing.

Humanoid Boss.png
A clever "hacker" that was able to manipulate CrossWorlds to do his bidding after many players helped him in collecting enough data. He is actually pretty weak and will use other enemies to attack.

In the end he was basically just a troll NPC meant to confuse players. Which worked out great!

-Monster Fibula report

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