Karotto Fruitseeker

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Abstract Boss Karotto Fruitseeker
Location Location Gaia's Garden
Level 47
Type Abstract Boss
Sub Type Snowman Tourist
HP-Icon.png Max HP 35000
Atk-Icon.png Attack 252
Def-Icon.png Defense 228
Foc-Icon.png Focus 249
Resistance Heat -50%
Cold 75%
Shock -25%
Credits Credits 2222

Karotto Fruitseeker is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden, in the Frozen Lair, as part of the Melting this Cold Fiend quest.

Abstract Boss.png
Karotto Fruitseeker
The fruit-obsessed leader of a rogue group of Karotto that aspired to make the warm lands of Gaia's Garden their home.

To that end it led robberies to steal large quantities of cooling devices which were supposed to slowly turn the Jungle into a climate more comfortable for Snowmen to live in. Despite its exceptional intelligence, it could not grasp the irony of that entire plan.

-Monster Fibula report

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