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Combat Arts/Wave Melee

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There are two Wave Melee Combat Arts available to Spheromancers: one first-level and one second-level art.

Ki Thrust[edit | edit source]

Ki Thrust.gif

Ki Thrust-icon.PNG Frontal attack with high damage, sending all hit enemies flying. Causes Mark.

Ki Thrust is a Wave-elemental, level one Melee-type Combat Art. It costs 1 CP to activate and 1 SP to use.

When using it, Lea steps forward and hits enemies in front of her with a thrust, dealing high damage and knocking enemies far back.

Ki Thrust is very good at clearing space for Lea. Although its damage is low compared to most other melee Arts, it is quite powerful when dealing with Shock-based enemies.

Spirit Blast[edit | edit source]

Spirit Blast.gif

Spirit Blast-icon.PNG Draws enemies to the front of the player and then blasts them away with a powerful attack. Causes Mark.

Spirit Blast is a Wave-elemental, level two Melee-type Combat Art. It costs 2 CP to activate and 3 SP to use.

When used, Lea pulls nearby enemies to her front, before damaging and knocking them all back with a series of strikes. Hit enemies are also inflicted with Mark.

Spirit Blast allows the player to damage more enemies than Ki Thrust, and deal huge damage to Shock-based enemies. It can be combined with other area of effect arts to pack enemies tightly together and then finish them off with a high-damage attack.