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Abstract Boss King Kaktorro
Location Location Maroon Valley
Level 57
Type Abstract Boss
Sub Type Sandman King
Max HP HP-Icon.png 111111
Attack Atk-Icon.png 337
Defense Def-Icon.png 317
Focus Foc-Icon.png 340
Resistance Heat 50%
Cold -25%
Credits Credits 2222
Item Chance Rank
Valuable-key.pngCoarse Powerring 100%
Item-consumable-white.pngCross Sandwich 100%
Enemies of Maroon Valley
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King Kaktorro is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Maroon Valley as part of the Waves of Sand quest.

Abstract Boss.png
King Kaktorro
Piles of sand, presumably animated by the spirit of what was once an Ancient leader of sort.

It spends its eternal life guarding mysterious treasure in dry areas.

-Monster Fibula report

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