Legionary Turret v2

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Mechanical Legionary Turret v2
Location Location Maroon Valley
Level 31 / 60
Type Mechanical
Sub Type Desert Sentry
Max HP HP-Icon.png 1350 / 10440
Attack Atk-Icon.png 135 / 370
Defense Def-Icon.png 129 / 354
Focus Foc-Icon.png 133 / 365
Resistance None
Credits Credits 150 / 621
Item Chance Rank
Trade-white.pngJunk Metal 24%
Enemies of Maroon Valley
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The Legionary Turret v2 is a Monster in CrossCode. They can be found in Maroon Valley during the Hot Trail quest.

Legionary Turret v2
An improved variant of the popular Rhombus Turret, used by the law-enforcement of Ba'kii Kum. This type does not have an accompanying Legionary Leader v1 for additional shielding but can still fire mortars at targets behind cover or on different height layers.
-Monster Fibula report

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Ba'kii Kum

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