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Levels in CrossWorlds are a means by which Avatars improve their combat abilities. Like in most games, levels are gained by collecting Experience Points, or EXP.

EXP[edit | edit source]

There are two main ways to collect EXP: killing monsters and completing quests.

Most monsters award the player EXP when defeated. The amount of EXP awarded depends on the monster and also varies with the difference between your level and the enemy's level, with higher-leveled enemies giving more EXP. This is capped at maximum and minimum levels, to prevent exploits that allow killing very high-leveled enemies from becoming gamebreaking, and ensure that all enemies killed give at least 1 EXP. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as all the Monsters encountered on M.S. Solar and the Beta Mouse Bot, Ultra Beta Mouse Bot and the Uber Beta Mouse Bot.

Completing quests gives EXP in a similar manner to killing enemies. Some quests will also reward a constant, level-independent sum of EXP, to ensure that the quest is worth completing even if it is missed while at an appropriate level.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Every 1000 EXP collected rewards the player with a level. Levelling up rewards the player with 1 Circuit Point for each of the five Circuit trees. Levelling will also increase some or all of the main Stats. The maximum possible level is 99. This is essentially impossible to reach in the current game, due to the lack of high-leveled enemies, but should be attainable with effort in the final game.