M.S. Solar

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M.S. Solar
MS Solar.png
Captain Jet's cargo ship.
Rooms Loc-Icon.png 12
Treasures Treasure-default.png Normal 0
Treasure-key.png Key 0
Treasure-masterkey.png Masterkey 0
Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 0
Treasure-silver.png Silver 0
Treasure-gold.png Gold 0
Total 0
Traders Trade-white.png 0

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The M.S. Solar, also known as the Cargo Ship, is a Location in CrossCode. It is a solar-powered cargo ship owned by the maintenance staff of CrossWorlds and captained by Captain Jet. It is a smaller ship of the Solar class. This is the location where Lea's avatar is first initialized, and where she undergoes basic combat training.

Cargo Ship M.S. Solar
The cargo ship of Captain Jet, which served as a training area for Lea before entering CrossWorlds for real. Its main task is shipping maintenance parts and personnel to the Playground to keep the real world technology of the game intact.
The ship is powered by solar energy, which is why it has huge solar panels on deck.
-Encyclopedia entry
Cabin Toilet

Layout[edit | edit source]

The M.S. Solar has a large open deck where cargo is stored, along with a below-deck cargo hold which is currently converted to a training course for Lea. There are three upper levels: two levels of crew quarters and the bridge. The levels are connected by a large freight elevator.

Connecting Regions[edit | edit source]

As this area is in fact a ship, there are no permanent connecting areas. Access is through a teleporter which is currently calibrated to point to Rhombus Square.

Maps[edit | edit source]


The map cannot presently be viewed here; this is reconstructed from development images.

Area Number Area Name
1 Cargo Hold Teleporter
2 Cargo Hold 1
3 Cargo Hold 2
4 Cargo Hold 3
5 Cargo Hold 4
6 Cargo Hold 5
7 Cargo Hold Entrance
8 Bridge
9 Deck
10 Deck Access
11 Cabins 1
12 Cabins 2

Monsters[edit | edit source]

A number of plot-related monsters can be fought here:

Enemies of the M.S. Solar
Beta Mouse Bot Rhombus Enforcer 1.0 Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0 Shredder Huge Hostile Crab
Name Locations
Beta Mouse Bot
Cargo Hold 3 (non-respawning)
Rhombus Enforcer 1.0
Cargo Hold 4, Cargo Hold 5 (non-respawning)
Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0
Deck (scripted battle)
Huge Hostile Crab (Boss)
Deck (scripted battle)
Cargo Hold Teleporter, Cargo Hold 1, Cargo Hold 2, Cargo Hold 3, Cargo Hold 4, Cargo Hold 5, Cargo Hold Entrance (summoned during escape sequence)

Other Notable Information[edit | edit source]

  • This area is highly plot-oriented and contains very little in the way of exploration-type content. There are no shops, traders, treasures or sidequests to be found here.