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Master Magmoth

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Organic Boss Master Magmoth
Location Location Faj'ro Temple
Level 30
Type Organic Boss
Sub Type Mother of Moths
Max HP HP-Icon.png 18000
Attack Atk-Icon.png 125
Defense Def-Icon.png 119
Focus Foc-Icon.png 128
Resistance Heat 80%
Cold -50%
Credits Credits 3500
Enemies of Faj'ro Temple
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Master Magmoth is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It is fought at the end of the Faj'ro Temple, in the Blazing Lair.

Organic Boss.png
Master Magmoth
The moths of Faj'ro Temple call this gigantic beast their mother. And it's pretty mad you hurt so many of its children. The only weak spot on its whole body is the eye at the head part and only if it's open and not closed. It will only open it right before it uses one of its attacks. When weak it tries to get away from its foe and regenerate, creating bubbles to fend off any attacks. Conveniently those can be used to create platforms on the hot coals! What are the chances?
-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Master Magmoth is an enormous moth-like insect. Its appearance is somewhat similar to that of a Pada Moth; both having one large eye and one pair of wings with multiple red, shining rings on them. The eye is attached to the head, which is a hard shell with a horn on either side. It can cover its eye with a hard shell. Its head is connected to a furry mane, under which is its abdomen. At the end of its abdomen is a small organ that can create bubbles. Attached to its abdomen are six legs, with the uppermost legs looking more like claws.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Master Magmoth flies above the arena. It is staggerable with ice attacks aimed at its head. The battle is split into three phases:

Phase 1: The boss has 4 attacks:

  1. Fiery Charge: Engulfs itself in flames, then charges forward.
  2. Fireball: Has moderate speed and a small area-of-effect on impact.
  3. Fire Tornado. Slower than Fireball, but has a greater AoE.
  4. Homing Fireball Barrage. Spawns multiple projectiles in front of itself and after a second they sequentially home at you.

When staggered, Master Magmoth will stay on the same platform as Lea.

Phase 2:

  1. Fiery Charge is now done two times in succession.
  2. New attack: Heat Laser: The boss flies to the northern end of the room and fires. Has strong homing and heavy damage.

When staggered, Master Magmoth will fly to a nearby platform and release two bubbles. Also it will regenerate as well.

Phase 3:

  1. Fiery Charge is now done three times in succession.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Since the boss always flies, the only option is to hit it with ice balls via pole in the middle. Since you'll be using Cold element constantly, you'll get heat resistance penalty, so it's advised to go to heat mode when the boss attacks.

The moth's attacks may seem intimidating at first, but nothing too hard; all of its attacks are well telegraphed.

  • Fiery Charge has a long charging animation (~1 second), so you have time to move closer to arena's side and when boss starts moving, dodge (or even walk) sideways.
  • Fireball has low charge time. Dodge sideways.
  • Barrage. When projectiles start moving, dodge (walk) sideways and then towards boss to negate homing.
  • Laser. Don't panic and stand still until the very last moment and dodge sideways. Keep dodge's charges at hand. Rinse and repeat.

When boss staggers during the first phase, just run up and go all out. For the second and third phases, line up and use ice Balls on the bubbles to make yourself a bridge across the lava.

Gallery[edit | edit source]