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Minor Characters

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This page is a list of minor characters in CrossCode - players and CrossWorlds staff that make significant appearances, are involved in quests or show up several times over the course of the game, but are not significant enough to have their own page.

Note that AI-controlled CrossWorlds NPCs do not belong here. The NPC page has details on important NPCs.

Tribladers[edit | edit source]

Table Girl
A Triblader who seems to always sit on tables for no apparent reason, to the great annoyance of her Hexacast friend.
A player who likes to sit by a chest in Rookie Harbor. He asks Lea for help convincing his friends that he was being helpful.
A friend of Jean's. Lea meets him during the Legendary Bunny quest, where he tells her of the need for Trade-silver.pngFrosted Carrots to summon the Legendary Frobbit.
Helpful Triblader
A triblader who seems to like standing around outside of gates and temples to give advice to new players.

Quadroguards[edit | edit source]

A female Quadroguard who is greatly disappointed with the challenges of using a short avatar. Can be encountered several times over the course of the game. The fandom has taken enough of an interest in her that she has gotten official art drawn during a dev stream.
An agoraphobic Quadroguard who gets Lea to buy her some armor from town as part of the You've got mail? quest.

Pentafists[edit | edit source]

Boss Puncher
A Pentafist who has made it his goal to play his class to the fullest, and only use melee against even the toughest of bosses. Usually seen talking with a Quadroguard friend who seems less than impressed with his dedication.
Omni Gilders General
The General of the Bergen Village branch of the Omni Gilders guild. Gives Lea a simple fetch quest, Building a Base.

Hexacasts[edit | edit source]

Acrophobic Girl
A Hexacast who is scared of heights. She is usually seen in areas with long drops huddled on the floor, panicking, while her Pentafist friend tries to encourage her to keep playing.
A player who enlists Lea's help to find and capture a vicious bunny monster. She is a member of the Omni Gilders guild and has a deep, illogical dislike for the Direct Message system. Star of The Legendary Bunny quest.
A friend of Jean's who likes to hang out in the Rookie Harbor Inn. He tells Lea about the Valuable-key.pngCapture Device during The Legendary Bunny quest. He speaks in strongly-accented Scots, which makes him very difficult for Lea to understand.

CrossWorlds Employees[edit | edit source]

A crewmember on the M.S. Solar. Although he isn't a player of CrossWorlds, he is obsessively interested in the game, and always wears AR goggles on the off-chance that there are some virtual game elements to see. He becomes fascinated with both Lea and the Blue Avatar after they arrive on the ship.
Bob the Game Tester
A game tester responsible for testing some new parkour quests for CrossWorlds. Being a rather lazy fellow, he recruits Lea to test them for him. Involved in the Round and Round and Round and Round 2 quests.
Baxton Addi
A moderator and supervisor of CrossWorlds. He finds one of Henry's data probes and questions Lea about it, as it is not an authorized game asset. Speaks very formally.

Others[edit | edit source]

Henry the Researcher
A scientist NPC who gives players quests to collect data on the various areas of CrossWorlds. But with each quest Lea completes for him, it becomes more obvious that he's not actually an NPC at all...

Gallery[edit | edit source]