Pandza Mk. II

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Pandza Mk. II
Location Loc-Icon.png Sapphire Ridge
Level 62
Type Mechanical Boss.png Mechanical Boss
Sub Type Enhanced Panda
Max HP HP-Icon.png 150000
Attack Atk-Icon.png 329
Defense Def-Icon.png 314
Focus Foc-Icon.png 321
Resistance Heat-Icon-Small.png Heat 50%
Cold-Icon-Small.png Cold -25%
Shock-Icon-Small.png Shock -25%
Wave-Icon-Small.png Wave 50%
EXP at equal level EXP-Icon.png 310
Credits CreditIcon.png 901
Item Chance Qty Rank
Trade-bronze.pngHoverpad 100% 1

The Pandza Mk. II is a Boss in CrossCode. It can be found in Sapphire Ridge.

Mechanical Boss.png
Pandza Mk. II
An upgraded version of the regular Pandza. It can surround itself with large boulders and command multiple War Webster to attack enemies while it shoots homing mines. When its defences are broken it will resort to an all out beam attack that is almost impossible to avoid.
-Monster Fibula report

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Location(s)[edit | edit source]

Sapphire Ridge

The Bellow

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Development Notes[edit | edit source]

The Pandza Mk. II was added to CrossCode in version 1.0.3.

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