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Radical Fish Games is the development team behind CrossCode.

Members[edit | edit source]

The members of Radical Fish Games, and their credited contributions to CrossCode, are:

Felix 'Lachsen' Klein (co-founder)
Idea and Concept; Programming; Sprite Art; Concept Art; Level Design
Stefan 'R.D.' Lange (co-founder)
Idea and Concept; Programming; Concept Art; Level Design
Deniz 'Intero' Akbulut
Sound; Music
Florian 'Teflo' Valentin Valerius Ben Abdeslam Ben Modeslam Ben Omar Mohammed Abdeslam
Martina Brodehl
Sprite Art
Henning 'GFlügel' Hartmann
Level Design
Thomas 'T-Free' Fröse
Sprite Art
Daniel 'The_question' Tillmann
Sprite Art
Fabrice 'Frece' Magdanz
Concept Art
Janina 'Solacy' Preidel
Concept Art
Anthony 'Airon' Oetzmann
Josephin 'Chibi' Rettig

Other Games[edit | edit source]

CrossCode is the first major game to be developed by Radical Fish Games, but they have also released a smaller game using the same engine, Ninja Hobo Connoisseur (found at http://ninjahobo.radicalfishgames.com/).

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