Rhombus Dungeon

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Rhombus Dungeon
Rhombus Dungeon.png
The final tutorial dungeon teaching players the basics of CrossWorlds.
Rooms Loc-Icon.png 15
Treasures Treasure-default.png Normal 6
Treasure-key.png Key 0
Treasure-masterkey.png Masterkey 0
Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 0
Treasure-silver.png Silver 0
Treasure-gold.png Gold 0
Total 6
Traders Trade-white.png 0

The Rhombus Dungeon, also referred to as the Rookie Dungeon, is a Location in CrossWorlds. It is a simple puzzle dungeon designed to introduce new players to CrossWorlds. It is accessed shortly after Lea leaves the M.S. Solar. The full dungeon has three sections, but Lea enters the game after the second section, so only the third is playable. Here, Lea obtains the Quickmenu, the Character Menu and Circuit.

Rookie Dungeon
The Rookie Dungeon is located on Newcomer's Bridge and serves as the final test for new Seekers.
-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

The dungeon is fairly linear. Players proceed upward through four levels of puzzles to the exit. The path splits in only one place, and following all paths is necessary to proceed.

Connecting Regions[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Area Number Area Name
1 Entrance
2 Puzzle Room 1
3 Puzzle Room 2
4 Ability Room 1
5 Middle Room
6 Upper Path 1
7 Upper Path 2
8 Upper Path 3
9 Lower Path 1
10 Lower Path 2
11 Lower Path 3
12 Ability Room 2
13 Puzzle Room 3
14 Boss Room
15 Final Room

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name Locations
Rhombus Enforcer 1.0
Ability Room 1, Ability Room 2 (non-respawning)
Rhombus Enforcer 2.0
Ability Room 2 (non-respawning)
Rhombus Turret
Middle Room, Upper Path 3, Lower Path 3 (non-respawning)
Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0 (Boss)
Boss Room (scripted battle)

Treasures[edit | edit source]

A few treasures are collected here as part of puzzle completion. Notably, the two treasures in Ability Room 1 are the only permanently missable treasures, since it isn't required to collect them, and it is impossible to re-enter the dungeon after leaving. However, they are difficult to miss as they spawn onscreen during a mandatory cutscene.


Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default.png Normal 3 x Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich Ability Room 1 Spawns during cutscene
2 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x Item-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea Ability Room 1 Spawns during cutscene
3 Treasure-default.png Normal 2 x LV01Weapon-white.pngRookieblade Ability Room 2 Spawns during cutscene
4 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x LV01Hat-white.pngRookiehat Ability Room 2 Spawns during cutscene
5 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x LV01Torso-white.pngRookiebelt Ability Room 2 Spawns during cutscene
6 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x LV01Legs-white.pngRookieboots Ability Room 2 Spawns during cutscene