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Location icon Rhombus Square
Rhombus Square.png
The pulsating heart of CrossWorlds. Only accessible for advanced players.
Rooms 23
Trader icon Traders 15
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Normal chest Normal 1
Bronze chest Bronze 2
Silver chest Silver 3
Gold chest Gold 2
Key chest Key 0
Master Key chest Master Key 0
Total 8
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Rhombus Square is a location in CrossWorlds. It is the capital of Shadoon; a large city of tall glass skyscrapers located on an island off the coast of the Croissant. The main city is only accessible to experienced players who have progressed along the Track of the Ancients to collect the four elements and complete the Trials of the Golden Bugs quest. Until then, it is only possible to visit the tutorial region, Newcomer's Bridge, and the teleportation hub, Cross Central.

Rhombus Square
Rhombus Square is the biggest city and capital of the human settlements on Shadoon. It is located in the sea near Rookie Harbor and constructed entirely out of glass and advanced metal alloys.

In order for a Seeker to gain access to the city, he must first collect all elements on the Track of the Ancients.

-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

Newcomer's Bridge is a long stretch of buildings with an elevated walkway, located east of the main city. Individual stretches of the bridge are only connected by sections of the Rhombus Dungeon. CrossCentral is a large building containing a teleport hub, from which anywhere in the playground can be accessed. CrossCentral is connected to Newcomer's Bridge via sky rails, a virtual elevated transport system.

Newcomer's Bridge
The Newcomer's Bridge is located in the skyline of Rhombus Square and serves as the basic training for new Seekers. Located near the end of the bridge is the Rhombus Dungeon where the new recruits face their final test before taking the skyrails to Cross Central and leaving for the mainland.
-Encyclopedia entry
Cross Central
Cross Central is the primary teleportation HUB for the human civilization on Shadoon. It is located on a large tower in the middle of Rhombus Square and offers instant teleportation to all human settlements.

New Seekers who just completed the training on Newcomer's Bridge first enter Cross Central to teleport to Rookie Harbor and thus enter the main continent and start the Track of the Ancients.

-Encyclopedia entry

Connecting regions[edit | edit source]

  • Rhombus Dungeon via Newcomer's Bridge and Newcomer's Bridge End
  • Rookie Harbor via teleport from Cross Central
  • Bergen Village via teleport from Cross Central; unlock from Ye old Inn teleporter
  • Ba'kii Kum via teleport from Cross Central; unlock from Plaza teleporter
  • Basin Keep via teleport from Cross Central; unlock from Rainy City Square teleporter
  • Sapphire Ridge via teleport from Cross Central; unlock from The Cave Inn teleporter

Map[edit | edit source]

For the full-resolution image, click the map.
Areas of Rhombus Square
# Area Name Floor
1 Newcomer's Bridge 1F
2 Newcomer's Bridge End 1F
3 CrossCentral Balcony

Landmark: Cross Central Balcony

4 Cross Central

Landmark: Cross Central

5 Shopping District

Landmark: Shopping District

6 Garden Boulevard GF
7 Arena Plaza GF
8 Lloyd Passage GF
9 South Arch

Landmark: South Arch

10 Residential District GF
11 Curios Trinkets GF
12 Boost Lounge GF
13 Gear Store GF GF
14 Gear Store 1F 1F
15 Buy Land GF GF
16 Arena Cafe GF
17 Arena Cafe 2nd Floor 1F
18 Books 'n Worms GF
19 Vesterovich Mansion GF
20 Old Smith GF GF
21 Old Smith 1F 1F
22 Arena Lobby GF
23 Training Arena U1

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Rhombus Square has 8 chests in total, none of which can be reached before the full city is unlocked at the end of the game.

Click the map for a full-resolution image.
Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-silver.png Silver 2 x Trade-gold.pngEmerald Garden Boulevard Jump on top of the cars and cross the street to reach this
2 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 2 x Trade-gold.pngRuby Garden Boulevard Walk from the south at the edge of the street to reach this
3 Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 2 x Trade-gold.pngDiamond Arena Plaza From the Arena Cafe 2nd floor make your way north jumping on the pillars with flags
4 Treasure-silver.png Silver 2 x Trade-gold.pngTopaz Arena Plaza From the Arena Cafe 2nd floor make your way south jumping on the pillars with flags and use a wave orb to reach the left side
5 Treasure-silver.png Silver 3 x Trade-silver.pngGolden Ticket Lloyd Passage Enter from the bottom of South Arch and walk all the way to the right and get to the 2nd floor. Wait for a truck to pass below and jump on top of it, jump on the platform to the north and make you way to the right. Use the High Jump Panel to reach this
6 Treasure-gold.png Gold 1 x Valuable-key.pngVery Large Ember South Arch From the previous chest make your way to the left and enter South Arch from on top of a platform, break the Blocks to make the chest accesible
7 Treasure-gold.png Gold 1 x Trade-gold.pngAntique Token Residential District GO on the first roof of the Smith's house and jump on the white pillar to access the top roof and to the left to reach this
8 Treasure-default.png Normal 1 x Trade-gold.pngMoonstone Residential District Jump on the bush to reach it

Arena[edit | edit source]

Main article: Arena

One of the main draws of Rhombus Square is the Arena. Here, players can compete in scored matches against previously-fought enemies and win Arena Coins, which can be traded for powerful equipment and cosmetic items. Details on the Arena can be found on its own page.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

As it is a city, enemies can only be encountered in Rhombus Square in special situations. Only enemies encountered outside of the Arena are shown here.

Enemies of Rhombus Square
Name Sprite Drops Location
Practice Bot
  • Training Arena

Botanics[edit | edit source]

Destroyable Contents
Sprout of Ages
Loc-Icon.png Found in secluded garden area in Rhombus Square.

The Sprout of Ages rare destructible is in the South Arch. From the position where you can destroy the blocks to make the chest of the Valuable-key.pngVery Large Ember accesible, jump north and walk into the southeast corner to reveal the Sprout

Traders[edit | edit source]

Traders in Rhombus Square offer some of the most powerful equipment in the game, as well as boosters which increase the level of enemies.

  • Autumn's Rise Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngRise Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngHalcyon Droplet, 5x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada, 5x Trade-silver.pngAzure Dragonfly
  • Autumn's Fall Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngFall Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngPortrait of Ruin, 5x Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada, 5x Trade-silver.pngCrimson Dragonfly
  • Bergen Trail Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngTrail Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngHeaven's Seed, 5x Trade-silver.pngFrozen Tear, 5x Trade-silver.pngWinter Thorn, Trade-silver.pngBlue Orb
  • Maroon Valley Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngValley Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngEverlasting Amber, 5x Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, 5x Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut, 5x Trade-silver.pngAncient Earth
  • Gaia's Garden Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngGarden Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngGalaxy Berry, 5x Trade-silver.pngElder Wood, 5x Trade-silver.pngVirus Root, 5x Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit
  • Sapphire Ridge Master – Located in Boost Lounge
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Item-add-on.pngRidge Booster 50000 Trade-gold.pngDream Globe, 5x Trade-silver.pngSteel Bamboo, 5x Trade-silver.pngCobalt Crystal
  • Rhombus Weapons – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV62Weapon-silver.pngSkirmisher 111000 2x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 4x Trade-gold.pngRuby, 3x Trade-bronze.pngLazy Claw, 2x Trade-silver.pngSharp Splitter
LV63Weapon-silver.pngUnbreaking Fist 115300 3x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 5x Trade-gold.pngEmerald, 3x Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth, Trade-bronze.pngHoverpad
LV63Weapon-silver.pngMantis Whip 115555 3x Trade-gold.pngGarnet, 3x Trade-gold.pngCitrine, 5x Trade-silver.pngBlue Orb, 13x Trade-bronze.pngSticky Web
LV64Weapon-silver.pngGolden Falcon 118900 4x Trade-gold.pngDiamond, 4x Trade-gold.pngAmethyst, 7x Trade-bronze.pngPhoenix Feather, 5x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Down
LV64Weapon-silver.pngBrostick of Force 119100 Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 5x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli, 5x Trade-bronze.pngRock Beak, 3x Trade-silver.pngHardened Liver
  • Rhombus Head – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV62Hat-silver.pngSerene Bubble 111977 4x Trade-gold.pngCitrine, 12x Trade-bronze.pngSunset Dew, 6x Trade-silver.pngMoon Fruit, 6x Trade-bronze.pngSolid Bubble
LV63Hat-silver.pngFurious Hothead 115980 3x Trade-gold.pngRuby, 3x Trade-gold.pngTopaz, 13x Trade-silver.pngElder Wood, 3x Trade-silver.pngMagma Residue
LV64Hat-silver.pngTrackwalker Visor 119700 4x Trade-gold.pngEmerald, 4x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli, 12x Trade-silver.pngCobalt Crystal, 3x Trade-silver.pngSea Disc
  • Rhombus Torso – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV62Torso-silver.pngZealous Lamellar 113311 2x Trade-gold.pngTopaz, 2x Trade-gold.pngMoonstone, 6x Trade-bronze.pngBovine Skin, 5x Trade-bronze.pngButter Silk
LV63Torso-silver.pngPioneer Vest 116210 5x Trade-gold.pngEmerald, 7x Trade-silver.pngWolf Cicada, 7x Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut, 6x Trade-bronze.pngRonin Shell
LV64Torso-silver.pngReactive Plate 120000 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 4x Trade-silver.pngRainbow Gem, 3x Trade-bronze.pngSamurai Shell, Trade-silver.pngStout Backplate
  • Rhombus Legs – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV62Legs-silver.pngDeadly Dancers 111111 4x Trade-gold.pngAmethyst, 8x Trade-silver.pngAzure Dragonfly, 7x Trade-silver.pngStar Fruit, 3x Trade-silver.pngPerforated Tophat
LV63Legs-silver.pngPraetorian Anchors 115700 5x Trade-gold.pngGarnet, 8x Trade-silver.pngSteel Bamboo, 8x Trade-silver.pngBear Cicada, 2x Trade-bronze.pngPlain Cube
LV64Legs-silver.pngMistwalkers 119700 4x Trade-gold.pngMoonstone, 3x Trade-gold.pngCitrine, 8x Trade-silver.pngMystery Grape, 6x Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball
  • Antique Gear – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV61Weapon-gold.pngHydra Fang 100000 Trade-gold.pngAntique Token, 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 7x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, 3x Trade-bronze.pngPower Spinach
LV61Hat-gold.pngGorgon Veil 100000 Trade-gold.pngAntique Token, 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 7x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, 2x Trade-silver.pngLaser Eyes
LV61Torso-gold.pngCentaur Vest 100000 Trade-gold.pngAntique Token, 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 7x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, 4x Trade-bronze.pngMetal Gears
LV61Legs-gold.pngUnicorn Greaves 100000 Trade-gold.pngAntique Token, 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 7x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, Trade-silver.pngLiving Bolt
Trade-gold.pngAntique Token 15000 Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 3x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli
  • Special Gear #1 – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV66Legs-gold.pngArtillery Boots 123321 LV52Legs-gold.pngTrench Boots, 27x Trade-silver.pngTurret Tokens, 2x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 2x Trade-bronze.pngHoverpad
LV67Weapon-platinum.pngMeister Gloves 133700 LV20Weapon-gold.pngDisciple Gloves, LV40Weapon-gold.pngAdept Gloves, 6x Trade-gold.pngCitrine, 6x Trade-gold.pngGarnet
LV68Weapon-gold.pngRadiant Bracer 156789 LV59Weapon-silver.pngShining Bracer, 3x Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 7x Trade-gold.pngTopaz, 7x Trade-gold.pngMoonstone
LV68Torso-platinum.pngLifefiber Uniform 199999 LV51Torso-gold.pngBluefiber Robe, 10x Trade-gold.pngRuby, 8x Trade-gold.pngAmethyst, 30x Trade-bronze.pngSticky Web
  • Chester Boxman – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
LV67Torso-platinum.pngPlate of Chests 150000 LV22Torso-gold.pngBronze Chest Plate, LV33Torso-gold.pngSilver Chest Plate, LV54Torso-gold.pngGolden Chest Plate, Trade-gold.pngChestlink
Trade-gold.pngChestlink 50000 Trade-gold.pngMysterious Box, Trade-gold.pngOmni Lock, 10x Trade-silver.pngMaroon Chestnut, 5x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli
LV66Torso-platinum.pngInfinity+1 Bag 196969 LV52Torso-gold.pngInfinite Bag, Trade-gold.pngHungry Salmon, 6x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli, 9x Item-consumable-silver.pngGourmet Steak
  • Rhombus Epic Metal – Located in Gear Store 1F
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal 10000 2x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 2x Trade-gold.pngRuby, 2x Trade-gold.pngGarnet
Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal 10000 2x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 2x Trade-gold.pngDiamond, 2x Trade-gold.pngEmerald
Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal 10000 2x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 2x Trade-gold.pngMoonstone, 2x Trade-gold.pngAmethyst
Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal 10000 2x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 2x Trade-gold.pngCitrine, 2x Trade-gold.pngTopaz
  • Reset Monger – Located in Training Arena[1]
Offered Item Credits Requisite Items
Valuable-key.pngCircuit Override 15000 10x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, 5x Trade-silver.pngPrecious Metal, 2x Trade-silver.pngStout Backplate, 2x Trade-silver.pngSharp Splitter
Valuable-key.pngCircuit Override 15000 10x Trade-silver.pngSpice Set, Trade-gold.pngEpic Metal, 3x Trade-gold.pngLapis Lazuli, Trade-silver.pngStout Backplate
  1. This trader is a duplicate of the Reset Monger in Rookie Harbor, and therefore does not appear in the Trader Book.

Shops[edit | edit source]

In addition to the standard equipment and consumable shops, Rhombus Square has a shop selling backer consumables, a shop selling the Chest Finder, and an arena shop that sells powerful equipment and cosmetics for arena coins.

Rhombus Items (Buy Land GF)
Rhombus Items (Arena Lobby)
  • Rhombus Items – Identical shops located in Buy Land GF and Arena Lobby.
Item Credits
Item-consumable-white.pngSandwich 100
Item-consumable-white.pngHi-Sandwich 300
Item-consumable-bronze.pngGreen Leaf Tea 250
Item-consumable-bronze.pngJust Water 222
Item-consumable-bronze.pngKebab Roll 650
Item-consumable-bronze.pngMeaty Risotto 650
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSpicy Bun 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Drink 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngRice Cracker 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngVeggie Sticks 200
Item-consumable-bronze.pngBergen Ice Cream 450
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSweet Lemonjuice 450
Item-consumable-bronze.pngCup o' Coffee 450
Item-consumable-bronze.pngSalted Peanuts 450
Item-consumable-silver.pngSnack Mix 350
Chef Backer Goods
  • Chef Backer Goods – Located in Buy Land GF.
Item Credits
Item-consumable-green.pngRising Super Star 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngDk Pepper 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngMaultasche 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngCheese Spaetzle 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngDurian 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngPengoPop 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngSpicy Beat-0-Type 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngWerewolf Stick 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngMooncake 7777
Item-consumable-green.pngGuacamole Toast 9999
Rhombus Arsenal
  • Rhombus Arsenal – Located in Gear Store GF.
Item Credits
LV50Hat-bronze.pngCobalt Goggles 71350
LV59Hat-bronze.pngLaser Goggles 104750
LV50Weapon-bronze.pngCobalt Edge 70975
LV59Weapon-bronze.pngLaser Edge 104500
LV50Torso-bronze.pngCobalt Mail 71925
LV59Torso-bronze.pngLaser Mail 105000
LV50Legs-bronze.pngCobalt Boots 71350
LV59Legs-bronze.pngLaser Boots 104750
Curios & More
  • Curios & More – Located in Curios Trinkets. Only one of each item can be purchased.
Item Credits
Item-add-on.pngChest Detector 25000
Coin Shop
  • Coin Shop – Located in Arena Lobby. Items cannot be sold. Only one of each item can be purchased. Items cost Arena coins rather than Credits.
Item Arena coins
LV65Hat-gold.pngDragon's Bandana 5000
LV65Hat-gold.pngTranquil Earmuffs 5000
LV65Weapon-gold.pngPendulum Striker 5000
LV65Weapon-gold.pngKnocking One 5000
LV65Weapon-gold.pngEternal Salami 5000
LV65Torso-gold.pngKilling Dress 5000
LV65Torso-gold.pngAssault Harness 5000
LV65Legs-gold.pngPaedalos 5000
LV65Legs-gold.pngCombat Skates 5000
Item-add-on.pngElement Aura 3000
Item-add-on.pngMenacing Aura 3000
Item-add-on.pngOrange Twister 2000
Item-add-on.pngGood Boy 2500
Item-add-on.pngBaby Peng 2500
Item-add-on.pngFDNI Fox 2500
Item-add-on.pngS-Rex 5500
Item-add-on.pngLil' Reap 6000
Item-add-on.pngRed Liz 5500

Quests[edit | edit source]

Only one quest is available in Rhombus Square:

Trophies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trophies
Rhombus Landmarks
Find all landmarks in Rhombus Square.
Rhombus Scavenger
Obtain all chests in Rhombus Square; see #Chests.

Other notable information[edit | edit source]

  • CrossCentral provides a teleport hub with links to seven locations, as well as direct access to the main city. The teleport links can only be unlocked from the other side by entering the large landmark teleporters found in the Playground.
  • CrossCentral is also referred to in-game as CrossStation, although this may be specifically the sky rail terminal located on its roof.