Rhombus Square

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Rhombus Square
Rhombus Square.png
The pulsating heart of CrossWorlds. Only accessible for advanced players.
Rooms Loc-Icon.png 4
Treasures Treasure-default.png Normal 0
Treasure-key.png Key 0
Treasure-masterkey.png Masterkey 0
Treasure-bronze.png Bronze 0
Treasure-silver.png Silver 0
Treasure-gold.png Gold 0
Total 0
Traders Trade-white.png 0

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Rhombus Square is a Location in CrossWorlds. It is the capital of Shadoon; a large city of tall glass skyscrapers located on an island off the coast of The Crescent. The main city is only accessible to experienced players who have progressed far along the Track of the Ancients to collect the four elements and complete the Trials of the Golden Bugs quest. Until then, it is only possible to visit the tutorial region, Newcomer's Bridge, and the teleportation hub, Cross Central.

Rhombus Square
Rhombus Square is the biggest city and capital of the human settlements on Shadoon. It is located in the sea near Rookie Harbor and constructed entirely out of glass and advanced metal alloys.
In order for a Seeker to gain access to the city, he must first collect all elements on the Track of the Ancients.
-Encyclopedia entry
Newcomer's Bridge
The Newcomer's Bridge is located in the skyline of Rhombus Square and serves as the basic training for new Seekers. Located near the end of the bridge is the Rhombus Dungeon where the new recruits face their final test before taking the skyrails to Cross Central and leaving for the mainland.
-Encyclopedia entry
Cross Central
Cross Central is the primary teleportation HUB for the human civilization on Shadoon. It is located on a large tower in the middle of Rhombus Square and offers instant teleportation to all human settlements.
New Seekers who just completed the training on Newcomer's Bridge first enter Cross Central to teleport to Rookie Harbor and thus enter the main continent and start the Track of the Ancients.
-Encyclopedia entry

Layout[edit | edit source]

Newcomer's Bridge is a long stretch of buildings with an elevated walkway, located east of the main city. Individual stretches of the bridge are only connected by sections of the Rhombus Dungeon. CrossCentral is a large building containing a teleport hub, from which anywhere in the playground can be accessed. CrossCentral is connected to Newcomer's Bridge via sky rails, a virtual elevated transport system.

Connecting Regions[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Area Number Area Name
1 Newcomer's Bridge
2 Newcomer's Bridge End
3 CrossCentral Roof
4 CrossCentral
Area Number Landmark Name
3 Cross Central Balcony
4 Cross Central

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Rhombus Square chest.png

Other Notable Information[edit | edit source]

  • CrossCentral provides a teleport hub with links to seven locations, as well as direct access to the main city. The teleport links can only be unlocked from the other side by entering the large landmark teleporters found in the Playground. At the moment, five teleporters to the first five cities can be unlocked.
  • CrossCentral is also referred to in-game as CrossStation, although this may be specifically the sky rail terminal located on its roof.
  • The main area of the city is planned to eventually contain a lot of optional content, including a combat arena.