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Mechanical Rob0ck
Location Location Zir'vitar Temple
Level 42 / 60
Type Mechanical
Sub Type Mechanical Robot Chicken
Max HP HP-Icon.png 3779 / 12893
Attack Atk-Icon.png 206 / 361
Defense Def-Icon.png 201 / 353
Focus Foc-Icon.png 210 / 369
Resistance Heat 25%
Cold -25%
Shock 70%
Wave -40%
Credits Credits 420 / 909
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngMetal Down 20%
Trade-gold.pngAmethyst 5%
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The Rob0ck is a mechanical enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Zir'vitar Temple.

Ancient texts describe this bi-pedal robot as one of the first creatures created for the track itself. It strongly resembles a chicken and the fact that the Ancients resemble birds too begs the question: Is this what the ancestors of the Ancients looked like? Or is this just too meta?

Anyway, make sure to use wave teleporters to escape their lightning fast shock attack. This leaves them mighty confused and open for some pummeling.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Rob0cks have two attacks, both of which require a time to charge.

  • It sparks its beak then tries to peck at Lea twice.
  • It takes aim at Lea to fire a strong laser. If she quickly teleports out of their line of sight, the rob0ck will become confused, leaving them open to attacks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Location(s)[edit | edit source]

Zir'vitar Temple

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