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Shadoon is the moon on which the CrossWorlds MMOG takes place.


Solar System[edit | edit source]

Shadoon is the small, rocky moon of a large, gas giant planet orbiting a sunlike star. The planet and star have been seen in the background of several scenes, but they have not been named. The system has been said to be near Earth, but its exact location is unspecified.

CrossWorlds[edit | edit source]

Shadoon was terraformed by Instatainment ltd. in order to create the CrossWorlds MMOG. It's unclear exactly how much of the moon is natural, and what features have been modified to create the game. The atmosphere contains a high concentration of gaseous Instant Matter, which makes materializing it to build things possible.

Geography[edit | edit source]


The moon is mainly covered in water. There is one known continent, which is known by its player-given name, the Croissant. Other land could exist on the unseen side of the planet, particularly given the presence of large oceangoing cruise ships such as the MS Solar.

The Croissant is roughly crescent-shaped, hence its name. The outer edge is highly mountainous, with a few hidden valleys tucked along the coastline. The shore of the central bay is lined with plains which give way to thick forests further inland. Numerous small islands lie off the coast, particularly around the points of the crescent shape. The overall shape of the continent suggests a massive, ancient crater.

The Playground is often used interchangeably with The Croissant, but refers specifically to those areas of Shadoon accessible to Seekers. Therefore, it technically includes the offshore Rhombus Square, and excludes the out-of-bound areas behind invisible walls.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Rhombus Square is the largest known city, and floats off the coast of the Playground in the large bay. Numerous smaller cities are known to exist on the Playground itself. The named ones are:

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Shadoon was formerly inhabited by the Ancients, who left long ago for unknown reasons. The current native inhabitants are the Shad, and there is also a sizeable population of human colonists. It is heavily implied that both the Shad and the colonists are fictional game NPCs, with the only real inhabitants being maintenance staff.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The devs have said that Shadoon does not actually have Earthlike gravity and constant day; these are merely used for ease of programming.
  • An early Encyclopedia entry used the name Raritan Gem in reference to some part of the solar system. However, the entry was quickly removed for being confusing, and was never clarified.