Sickly Trees

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Quest Sickly Trees
Sickly Trees.png
Some precious trees have become sick and need treatment. - Fruits of Autumn HQ
Four trees in Autumn's Rise have been infected with a disease and endanger the harmony of the Track. Find them with your Analysis and cure the sickness with the Pure Autumn Cider.
Level 6
Location Location Rookie Harbor - Fruits of Autumn HQ
Quest giver Giver Chief Woodkeeper Manzana
Rewards Rewards EXP 300 (at same lvl)

Credits 0
Trade-bronze.pngSeason Apples x4, Item-consumable-bronze.pngFruit Salad x3

Sickly Trees is a level 6 quest given by Manzana in Rookie Harbor - Fruits of Autumn HQ. Beginning the Faction Introduction quest is a prerequisite of this quest.

This is the first quest in the Fruits of Autumn quest chain. Completing it is required to begin the second quest, Intensive Tree Care.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Heal the 4 sick trees in Autumn's Rise:
    • Heal the tree in Pathway 2
    • (In the southwest corner on the high ledge accessing Off Road 1)
    • Heal the tree in Pathway 3
    • (In the large cluster of trees on a ledge at the south side of the area)
    • Heal the tree in Off Road 2
    • (On the ledge at the north side of the area)
    • Heal the tree east of Obelisk Lake
    • (On the southeast ledge only reachable by taking the south path from Pathway 3)
  • Report back to Chief Woodkeeper Manzana in the Fruits of Autumn HQ

Completion Message[edit | edit source]

You have healed the sick trees and preserved the balance of the Track.

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