Smelter Digmo

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Mechanical Boss Smelter Digmo
Location Location Temple Mine
Level 36
Type Mechanical Boss
Sub Type Infected Smelter Robot
Max HP HP-Icon.png 24000
Attack Atk-Icon.png 168
Defense Def-Icon.png 165
Focus Foc-Icon.png 156
Resistance Heat -25%
Cold -25%
Credits Credits 1010
Item Chance Rank
Valuable-key.pngSmelter Parts 100%
Enemies of the Temple Mine
Fleazer-sprite.png FleazerFleazer-sprite.png Experienced FleazerCarritrich-sprite.png CarritrichKamikatze-sprite.png KamikatzeDigmo-sprite.png DigmoInfected-digmo-sprite.png Infected DigmoSmelter-digmo-sprite.png Smelter DigmoDriller-sprite.png X01 Driller H.F.S.

Smelter Digmo is a mechanical Boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Temple Mine, in the Chamber of Fire, as part of the quest New Metal.

Abstract Boss.png
Smelter Digmo
An advanced version of the Digmo that fell victim to corruption by the resident Experienced Fleazers. Aside from the usual mining capabilities of the older model it can also use many heat-based abilities once it reaches a high-enough core-temperature.
-Monster Fibula report

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