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Sergey Asimov

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|name=Sergey Asimov
|description=Professional programmer and security expert
Sergey has a slim build and light skin, matching the Russian heritage implied by his name. He has light, sandy blonde hair, cut short and generally straight but with a prominent curl on his forehead. He has green eyes and an angular face, with well-defined cheekbones and jawline. He wears a pair of round-framed glasses, as well as a grey and red headset, which he uses to communicate remotely with the other characters. His standard attire consists of a green sweater, brown pants and black shoes.
Sergey ishas been stated to be of Ukrainian ancestry (insofar as nationalities still apply in the far future). When he was first introduced, he was described as being a professional programmer and a security expert. His exact job and affiliation with CrossWorlds are unknown, and the task of setting up an amnesiac player is implied to be very nonstandard. He has some history with the crew of the MS Solar, particularly Carla and Captain Jet. He is also implied to be a former player of CrossWorlds, given that watching Lea in combat made him feel nostalgic.
==Role in CrossCode==
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