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Sergey Asimov

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==Role in CrossCode==
Sergey initializes Lea's avatar at the beginning of CrossCode, and is the first person she speaks to in the game. He guides her through a basic [[Balls|VRP]]-throwing tutorial, and unlocks her combat modules as required. He runs an investigation into Lea's malfunctioning speech synchronization, and although he is unable to fix it, he figures out the workaround of hard-coding words and is able to give her the ability to say "Hi". When [[EgyptianBlue Mr. FreezeAvatar]] summons the [[CargoHuge Hostile Crab]] to fight Lea, Sergey is able to check its battle stats, and assures Lea that she is capable of defeating it. He later does the same to the [[Advanced Attack Robot]]s, and encourages Lea to run to the teleporter.
In Puzzle Mode, Sergey provides Lea with a brief introduction to the [[Rhombus Dungeon]].