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Stats in CrossWorlds are numbers that modify your performance in battle. There are a wide variety of stats, each with a different effect and a number of ways of increasing it.

Increasing Stats[edit | edit source]

The main method of boosting stats is through selection of equipment and circuits. both of which can be selected to increase most of the stats listed below. The Core Stats also increase automatically when gaining a Level. Some stats can be increased temporarily by using consumable item buffs. Finally, changing Element modes will inherently shift some stats, in addition to the changes due to swapping circuit trees.

Core Stats[edit | edit source]

The four Core Stats are the main determiners of performance in battle. These stats are the only ones which increase automatically on level-up, and they are far more common than other stats in equipment.

MaxHP, or Maximum Hit Points, determines the amount of health you have, and therefore indirectly the amount of damage you can take in battle. Also increases resistance to knockback.
ATK, or Attack, increases the damage you deal in combat.
DEF, or Defense, decreases the damage you receive when attacked.
FOC, or Focus, increases the chance of landing a critical hit, and decreases the chance of receiving critical hits.

Element Resistances[edit | edit source]

These minor stats decrease the damage taken of a specific elemental type.

Elemental Armor
Decreases all Elemental damage taken
Heat Resistance
Decreases Heat damage taken
Cold Resistance
Decreases Cold damage taken
Shock Resistance
Decreases Shock damage taken
Wave Resistance
Decreases Wave damage taken

Minor Stats[edit | edit source]

These stats have effects that boost your performance in a more specific way than the Core Stats.

XP Zero
Don't gain any experience by defeating enemies.
Increases the amount of experience you get from defeating enemies.
Increases the amount of credits you get from defeating enemies.
Lucky Lucky
Increases the chance to get items from enemies.
Increases the speed of getting precise aiming.
Steady Shot
Decreases loss of accuracy from quick aim movements and dashes.
Increases movement speed while aiming.
Bulk Calibre
Increases knockback from charged shots.
Increases the damage of ranged attacks.
Increases the damage of melee attacks.
Added chance to fire projectiles during melee.
Increases the damage of critical attacks.
X Counter
Increases damage on attacking charging enemies.
Increases damage dealt when at critical HP(<33% HP).
Increase damage on enemies that are in stunned, weak or in break state.
Flash Step
Increases the time of invincibility when dashing.
Extra Dash
Grants an additional dash.
Ice Skater
Allows normal movement on ice.
Nimble Feet
Allows normal movement on spider webs.
Iron Stance
Increases your knockback resistance to weak attacks, depending on MaxHP.
Solid Guard
Strengthens your shield and decreases the damage taken when guarding.
Pin Body
Damages enemies that hit your shield, based on the absorbed damage.
Royal Guard
Increases time window of a perfect guard.
Resets your perfect guard when landing a successful perfect guard.
Restores SP on guard based on the power of the attack. Double that for a perfect guard.
Allows guarding from the sides. Stacking this effect allows guarding from above as well.
HP Regen
Regenerates given percentage of current MaxHP every 10 seconds.
SP Regen
Faster SP regeneration for any form.
Slows down overheat while using an element.
Once More
Survive 1 attack that would kill you.
Item Booster
Increases the effect of healing items and duration of buff items.
Increases number of available buff slots.
Status Mend
Increases recovery speed from Status Conditions.
Status Rush
Increases speed of inflicting a Status Condition.
Combat Rank increases drop rate of items from environment objects.