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Status effects in CrossCode can be inflicted on enemies to simplify defeating them. Conversely, some enemies can inflict the same status effects on Lea. There are four status effects, with one associated with each element.

Mechanics of Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Lea can inflict status effects on enemies by hitting them with elemental Charged Balls, and most elemental Combat Arts can also inflict status effects. Doing either of these actions will increase a status effect progress bar on the enemy. The progress bar drains slowly over time. If the progress bar fills up, the enemy receives the corresponding status effect.

Each status effect has its own progress bar, so enemies can receive multiple status effects at once.

The speed at which the progress bar fills up depends on the focus difference between the two entities, as well as the attacker's Rush stat and the defender's Protect stat for that status effect. The Status Mend stat modifies the time for which status effects last.

Burn[edit | edit source]

Burn icon.pngThe Burn status is caused by the Heat element. It lasts for around 10 seconds, and deals significant Heat-elemental damage over time to the afflicted enemy. This damage scales with the victim's MaxHP, meaning that similarly to environmental damage, Burn can be used to take down enemies of a much higher level that would be difficult to damage normally. Due to this, most bosses and intentionally-overpowered enemies are immune to Burn.

The following enemies can inflict the Burn status:

Chill[edit | edit source]

Chill icon.pngThe Chill status is caused by the Cold element. It lasts for 20 seconds, and decreases the movement speed of the afflicted enemy.

The following enemies can inflict the Chill status:

Jolt[edit | edit source]

Jolt icon.pngThe Jolt status is caused by the Shock element. It lasts for 20 seconds, and both deals damage over time, although substantially less than Burn, and causes the enemy to undergo occasional mini-stuns. The damage from Jolt scales with the victim's ATK, as it effectively causes the victim to hit themselves.

The following enemies can inflict the Jolt status:

Mark[edit | edit source]

Mark icon.pngThe Mark status is caused by the Wave element. It lasts for 20 seconds. Afflicted enemies take 50% more damage from ranged attacks.

The following enemies can inflict the Mark status:

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