Sun Beetle

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Sun Beetle
Location Loc-Icon.png Sapphire Ridge
Level 51
Type Organic.png Organic
Sub Type Honorable Insect
Max HP HP-Icon.png 10000
Attack Atk-Icon.png 285
Defense Def-Icon.png 275
Focus Foc-Icon.png 277
Resistance Heat-Icon-Small.png Heat 50%
Cold-Icon-Small.png Cold -25%
EXP at equal level EXP-Icon.png 50
Credits CreditIcon.png 610
Item Chance Qty Rank
Trade-bronze.pngSamurai Shell 16% 1
Trade-silver.pngSharp Splitter 8% 1

The Sun Beetle is a Monster in CrossCode. They can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge.

Sun Beetle
This bug is a true warrior and master of the hidden arts of the blade. Trained by a master since its birth it takes down enemies with powerful strikes. Strikes so powerful they combust the air around them and create flames.

Its weapons of choice are dual swords known as "Sun Blades". When threatened it can summon a heat barrier and it uses an fake-out attack by jumping behind its enemies following up with a huge fire swirl.

-Monster Fibula report

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Sapphire Ridge