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Tactical Strategies

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This page collects some strategies for fighting Bosses in CrossCode. While there are many ways to fight enemies in CrossCode, most bosses have special strategies that can be used to deal increased damage to them, and this page collects those strategies for easy reference.

NOTE: This page is currently very outdated and mostly incomplete. Use at your own risk. Or better yet, help update it.

Main Plot Bosses[edit | edit source]

Huge Hostile Crab Strategy[edit | edit source]

This is the first real boss battle in the game. It can be a bit hard on your first try but you should be able to master this boss pretty quickly. Don't bother with attacking the boss until his weak point is shown. All attacks that are not on the weak point do no damage. The boss will start with hitting his fist onto the ground, creating a shockwave that will chase after you. This can be pretty hard to dodge if you are trying to manage with his other attacks at the same time but just use dash and you should be able to dodge it. Remember, you can only use dash 3 times in a row! Running out of dash here can cause serious damage. Another attack he may use is a swarm of bubbles that fill the whole area and move towards you. There isn't really anywhere to dodge to here, so shield when this happens to keep from taking damage. Eventually he will begin jumping about. The lower his health is, the faster he jumps so be careful since he can jump pretty fast in the final stage of the boss. At some point he will jump really high and that container on his head will smash down on him, making the crab unable to move for a short while. The container opens up and now there should be a way to run on top of it and hit the crystal. The crystal is the only way of damaging the crab. Make sure you run up here and hit it with melee as fast as possible! If you're too slow the boss will get up again and you will have to wait it out until you can get back on the crystal. Watch for blue sparkles around the crystal because these mean the boss is about to wake up and when he does, he'll blast you if you're still standing on top of him. When you hit the crystal enough times you will break the boss through one of his stages. Every time you do this, you get some HP so it's a good way to heal. Keep repeating this until the boss is defeated.

Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0 Strategy[edit | edit source]

This boss is very similar to the Rhombus Heavy Turret 1.0, and during the first part of the fight, you can use the same strategy. Once he reaches the second stage, he will start using a move where everything goes dark and he sweeps across the arena with bullets. You can shield through this attack, or hit one of the switches to raise a block to hide behind, but don't try to dodge it as it is very damaging if it hits you. In the third stage, he has a shield as well, and you have to shoot him in the back to break it. There are bounce blocks behind him so you can do this, but aim carefully or you'll waste your shot. He also shows his back briefly when charging his big attack, and you can hit him then if you're quick.

Apollo (First Fight) Strategy[edit | edit source]

Infected Digmo Strategy[edit | edit source]

X01 Driller H.F.S. Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ti'im Strategy[edit | edit source]

Apollo (Second Fight) Strategy[edit | edit source]

Pinzo'jrahrrrn Strategy[edit | edit source]

This fight is difficult, even at level 27. While fighting him the ground is quicksand and you have to stand on platforms in a circle. By the time you fight him, you'll have learned about how to use the bubbles from the squids. Hit him with two bubbles to break his defense. The ground will transform into normal ground and you can run up at attack him. Once you get him to half health, he'll gain a new attack, and four of the platforms will get destroyed. In phase 1 he launches boulders at you, much like Tim's attacks. Just keep dodging left and right, and you'll be fine. When you get break, he launches the molten boulders and after landing, they'll roll after you. The best method to avoiding them is to run around the boss, as they can't turn. His 2nd phase attack consists of slashing at you with scythe-like claws while underground. There's nothing you can do here to hurt him, so just keep running and dashing in a circle on the platforms. After a bit, he'll continue the phase 1 attack, so you can resume as normal.

Master Magmoth Strategy[edit | edit source]

This is toughest fight as of 0.7. He has 4 attacks that get incrementally stronger, as well as a 5th attack upon entering phase 2. His primary attack is a dash while engulfed in flames. He will flash red before doing said attack, so you can prepare. The best strategy to avoiding this, is to go to the corner of the opposite side, and dashing to the opposite corner once he strikes. Ex: He's on the left side, so you go to the upper right corner, and dash to the lower right corner. He can't turn while dashing so you'll be fine. His second attack is launching an energy ball at you, you can try to dodge, but it doesn't do much damage, so you need not worry. His 3rd attack is shooting a bunch of fireballs at you. You can dash to avoid these, or block WHILE IN HEAT MODE. You'll take double damage if you're in cold, but you take half while in heat. His 4th attack is a fire tornado, which is easily avoidable because it's so slow. To damage him, you have to shoot cold VRP's at him using the pillar in the middle. every hit will fill his break meter, and once full, he'll fall and you can attack him. MAKE SURE TO HIT THE HEAD. It's the only place where he takes damage. Once he enter's phase two his attacks get slightly stronger. He now dashes twice, but you'll have enough time between to dash again. In his 5th attack, he goes to the front and charges a beam, similar to Darth Moth's attacks. After charging, he shoots the beam all over he platform. The best way to avoid damage here is to guard in heat mode. Once his bar fills, he goes down on the platform next to you. You have to freeze the bubbles that get shot at you, so you can cross the lava. He has a meter in phase 2 and 3, that you have to fill while he's down, then you can continue you attack. Not much changes in phase 3, he just gets another dash, and his laser beam is stronger.

Hologram Frobbit Strategy[edit | edit source]

Big Pillar Strategy[edit | edit source]

Blue Avatar Strategy[edit | edit source]

Plasma Phantom Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sir Blobus Starnikus Strategy[edit | edit source]

See strategies section under Sir Blobus Starnikus

Son of the East Strategy[edit | edit source]

Son of the East and Ancient Guardian Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sidequest Bosses[edit | edit source]

Blue Hedgehag Strategy[edit | edit source]

Thanks to a recent game update, this fight is much easier. After defeating all Hedgehags in the area, he'll spawn. Once you get closer, a laser wall will appear so you can't escape. The Blue Hedgehag has two attacks: one where he rolls twice, and one where he bounces twice. The best methods to avoid him is to wait till he is coming at you(Not prepping the attack) and dashing at the last second. Also bringing Emilie with you slightly throws off his targeting and he'll sometimes attack between you both instead of attacking either of you.

Hillkat Bandleader Strategy[edit | edit source]

Keep your distance and wait for an opening.

Meister Karotto Strategy[edit | edit source]

Peng King Dakara Strategy[edit | edit source]

Guard Billston Strategy[edit | edit source]

Cursed Sharkster Strategy[edit | edit source]

Blazehoof Strategy[edit | edit source]