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Levels for ItemLink:

35 Dented Crown, 34 Silver Edge,


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Complete list

marked[edit source]

|Thunfischbrötchen |-Thunfischbrötchen = 01 |Thunfischsalat |-Thunfischsalat = 01 |Rauser |Rauser NOEZ |-Rauser |-Rauser NOEZ = 01 |Monster Shell |Monster Shell NOEZ |-Monster Shell |-Monster Shell NOEZ = 01 |Sirian Key |Sirian Key NOEZ |-Sirian Key |-Sirian Key NOEZ = 01 |Testhat |-Testhat = 01 |Testarms |-Testarms = 01 |Testbelt |-Testbelt = 01 |Testboots |-Testboots = 01 |Devillish Tophat |Devillish Tophat NOEZ |-Devillish Tophat |-Devillish Tophat NOEZ |- Devillish Tophat |- Devillish Tophat NOEZ = 01 |ModifierTester |-ModifierTester = 01 |Nirustein |-Nirustein = 01 |Pig Mask |Pig Mask NOEZ |-Pig Mask |-Pig Mask NOEZ |- Pig Mask |- Pig Mask NOEZ = 60 |Sage Geta |-Sage Geta = 99 |Nanopoint Needle |- Nanopoint Needle = 70

renamed[edit source]

|Edge O' All = 5 |Bronze Anchor = 11 |Ähre = 45 |Stalwart Footguard = 38 |Old Man's Drill = 65 |Marksmen's Trigger = 55

removed[edit source]

|Holiday Boots (Legs) = 48 |Sparkly Boots (Legs) = 13 |Broken Chakram = 01 |D. C-137 Gun = 01 |Red Bandana (Weapon) = 01 |Holiday Hat (Head) = 25

LV 1[edit source]

|Rookiehat |Rookieblade |Rookieboots |Rookiebelt |Winner's Pride |Winner's Proof |Broken Gauntlet |Broken Shield |Broken Sword |Broken Deck |Broken Chakrams

LV 5[edit source]

|Grasswalkers |Explorer's Cap |Edge o' All |Second Hide

LV 9[edit source]

|Bronze Edge |Bronze Mail |Bronze Goggles |Bronze Boots

LV 10[edit source]

|Core Drill

LV 11[edit source]

|Civilian Trigger |Bovine Armor |Rusty Anchors |Fleety Sandals |Recruit's Scope |Mugger's Blade |Scrappy Plate |Cooling Veil

LV 13[edit source]

|Assault Vest |Student's Bandana |Daikon

LV 15[edit source]

|Swiftspike |Leaf Cape |Shady Monocle |Bull Stompers

LV 17[edit source]

|Feline Paws |Edgy Headphones |Battered Fist |Spiky Jacket

LV 18[edit source]

|Iron Edge |Iron Goggles |Iron Boots |Iron Mail

LV 19[edit source]

|Climbing Pick |Furry Cap |Icewalkers |Hardrock Plate

LV 20[edit source]

|Hardwood Stave |Disciple Gloves |Proper Tophat |Wooly Socks

LV 21[edit source]

|Copper Gull |Rocksplitter |Longears |Bubblebelt

LV 22[edit source]

|Bronze Chest Plate

LV 24[edit source]

|Fin Cap |Rapier Carrot |Dessert Vest |Desert Sandals

LV 25[edit source]

|Miner's Helmet |Ancient Sandals |Thief's Band |Mighty Strand |Strawhat |Prickly Bracer

LV 26[edit source]

|Winterclaw |Weird Skates

LV 27[edit source]

|Steel Goggles |Steel Edge |Steel Mail |Steel Boots

LV 28[edit source]

|Nomadic Turban |Curly Slippers |Hidden Blade |Tattered Satchel

LV 29[edit source]

|Gunner's Trigger |Assassin Garb |Lavish Anchors

LV 30[edit source]

|Giga Spiral Drill |Chilling Veil |Magic Robe |Carpet Runners |Maverick Edge

LV 31[edit source]

|Shiny Glasses |Crystal Plate |Western Starfist

LV 33[edit source]

|Silver Chest Plate

LV 34[edit source]

|Silver Goggles |Silver Edge |Silver Mail |Silver Boots

LV 35[edit source]

|Dented Crown |Bright Bracer |Dried Grass Hat

LV 36[edit source]

|Humming Razor

LV 37[edit source]

|Red Bandana |Hunter's Bolt |Petal Cloak |Shinkickers

LV 38[edit source]

|Nifty Grey Shades |Sunset Claw |Ramming Shell |Stable Footguard

LV 39[edit source]

|Prism Pouch

LV 40[edit source]

|Boom Walkers |Adept Gloves

LV 41[edit source]

|Rough Branch |Vermillion Mantle

LV 42[edit source]

|Titan Goggles |Titan Edge |Titan Mail |Titan Boots

LV 44[edit source]

|Scarecrown |Twitching Slicer

LV 45[edit source]

|Electrician's Cap |Aehre |Loose Trenchcoat |Pathfinders |Strawberry Hat

LV 46[edit source]

|Faedora |Lawkeeper's Fist |Survival Plate |Urban Sneakers

LV 47[edit source]

|Silver Hawk |Mystic Mohawk |Sneaky Shiv |Rootweave |Hydraulic Anchors |Excalibro

LV 48[edit source]

|Bandit's Scarf |Sparkling Bracer

LV 49[edit source]

|Timeworn Belt |Climate Cowl

LV 50[edit source]

|Golden Revolver |Cobalt Goggles |Cobalt Edge |Cobalt Mail |Cobalt Boots

LV 51[edit source]

|Galaxy Spiral Drill |Bigger Stick |Bluefiber Robe

LV 52[edit source]

|Infinite Bag |Trench Boots

LV 53[edit source]

|Tengu Mask

LV 54[edit source]

|Golden Chest Plate |Survivor's Blade

LV 55[edit source]

|Hardhead Hat |Marksmen Trigger |Shadowy Cloak |Bamboots

LV 56[edit source]

|Scouting Visor |Panzer Fist |Plated Plate |Brave Anchors

LV 57[edit source]

|Burglars Rope |Sonic Spike

LV 58[edit source]

|Shuddering Cleaver |Lead Boots |Thrashing Ripper

LV 59[edit source]

|Laser Goggles |Laser Edge |Laser Mail |Laser Boots |Shining Bracer

LV 60[edit source]

|Lunatic Paws |Warkeeper |The Last Strawhat

LV 61[edit source]

|Hydra Fang |Gorgon Veil |Centaur Vest |Unicorn Greaves

LV 62[edit source]

|Old Geta |Serene Bubble |Skirmisher |Zealous Lamellar |Deadly Dancers

LV 63[edit source]

|Furious Hothead |Unbreaking Fist |Pioneer Vest |Praetorian Anchors |Mantis Whip

LV 64[edit source]

|Brostick of Force |Trackwalker Visor |Golden Falcon |Reactive Plate |Mistwalkers

LV 65[edit source]

|Infinity Spiral Drill |Roundhousers |Paedalos |Killing Dress |Pendulum Striker |Knocking One |Dragon's Bandana |Eternal Salami |Assault Harness |Tranquil Earmuffs |Combat Skates

LV 66[edit source]

|Infinity+1 Bag |Artillery Boots

LV 67[edit source]

|Meister Gloves |Plate of Chests

LV 68[edit source]

|Radiant Bracer |Lifefiber Uniform