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Complete list


marked[edit source]

|Maultasche OLD |- Maultasche OLD

list[edit source]

|Sandwich |Green Leaf Tea |Sweet Berry Tea |Hi-Sandwich |Chef Sandwich |Mega-Sandwich |Cross Sandwich |Spicy Bun |Flaming Bun |Blazing Bun |Veggie Sticks |Veggie Wraps |Veggie Burger |Fruit Drink |Fruit Salad |Fruit Pie |Rice Cracker |Tofu Cracker |Cheese Cracker |Salty Ice Cream |Chili Con Carne |Ginger Tom. Salad |Pepper Night Tea |Chili Dog |Bergen Ice Cream |Echo Roll |Sweet Lemonjuice |Hotsauce |Vanilla Ice Cream |Gourmet Steak |Steak, rare |Prime Pistachios |Salted Peanuts |Cup o' Coffee |Energy Espresso |Maultasche |Werewolf Stick |Snack Mix |Cold Platter |Full Course |One Up |Kebab Roll |Wrap Roll |Meaty Risotto |Shrimp Risotto |Green Risotto |Final Dinner |Just Water |Bear Beer |Crab Mead |Fox Sake |Whale Wine |Crystal Water |Rising Super Star |Dk Pepper |Cheese Spaetzle |Durian |PengoPop |Spicy Beat-0-Type |Guacamole Toast |Mooncake


marked[edit source]

|Thunfischbrötchen |-Thunfischbrötchen

|Thunfischsalat |-Thunfischsalat

|Rauser |-Rauser |Rauser NOEZ |-Rauser NOEZ

|Sirian Key |-Sirian Key |Sirian Key NOEZ |-Sirian Key NOEZ

|Testarms |-Testarms

|ModifierTester |-ModifierTester

|Nanopoint Needle |- Nanopoint Needle

list[edit source]

|Hardwood Stave |Humming Razor |Rookieblade |Bronze Edge |Edge o' All |Civilian Trigger |Winterclaw |Winner's Pride |Swiftspike |Winner's Proof |Mugger's Blade |Daikon |Hydra Fang |Climbing Pick |Core Drill |Giga Spiral Drill |Gunner's Trigger |Battered Fist |Copper Gull |Iron Edge |Rocksplitter |Silver Hawk |Broken Gauntlet |Broken Shield |Disciple Gloves |Steel Edge |Rapier Carrot |Hidden Blade |Maverick Edge |Western Starfist |Meister Gloves |Silver Edge |Titan Edge |Hunter's Bolt |Lawkeeper's Fist |Aehre |Twitching Slicer |Sunset Claw |Sneaky Shiv |Galaxy Spiral Drill |Infinity Spiral Drill |Golden Revolver |Excalibro |Rough Branch |Bigger Stick |Warkeeper |Adept Gloves |Cobalt Edge |Laser Edge |Broken Sword |Survivor's Blade |Marksmen Trigger |Panzer Fist |Shuddering Cleaver |Sonic Spike |Shining Bracer |Bright Bracer |Prickly Bracer |Sparkling Bracer |Brostick of Force |Broken Deck |Skirmisher |Unbreaking Fist |Golden Falcon |Radiant Bracer |Thrashing Ripper |Mantis Whip |Broken Chakrams |Pendulum Striker |Knocking One |Eternal Salami


marked[edit source]

|Testboots |-Testboots

|Nirustein |-Nirustein

|Sage Geta |-Sage Geta

list[edit source]

|Lunatic Paws |Rookieboots |Bronze Boots |Grasswalkers |Weird Skates |Rusty Anchors |Fleety Sandals |Feline Paws |Bull Stompers |Boom Walkers |Icewalkers |Iron Boots |Ancient Sandals |Steel Boots |Desert Sandals |Curly Slippers |Lavish Anchors |Carpet Runners |Wooly Socks |Silver Boots |Titan Boots |Stable Footguard |Hydraulic Anchors |Shinkickers |Urban Sneakers |Pathfinders |Cobalt Boots |Laser Boots |Bamboots |Brave Anchors |Lead Boots |Old Geta |Deadly Dancers |Praetorian Anchors |Mistwalkers |Unicorn Greaves |Roundhousers |Trench Boots |Paedalos |Combat Skates |Artillery Boots


marked[edit source]

|Testhat |-Testhat

|Devillish Tophat |-Devillish Tophat |- Devillish Tophat |Devillish Tophat NOEZ |-Devillish Tophat NOEZ |- Devillish Tophat NOEZ

|Pig Mask |-Pig Mask |Pig Mask NOEZ |-Pig Mask NOEZ |- Pig Mask

list[edit source]

|Miner's Helmet |Scarecrown |Rookiehat |Bronze Goggles |Explorer's Cap |Recruit's Scope |Shady Monocle |Dented Crown |Student's Bandana |Edgy Headphones |Cooling Veil |Longears |Iron Goggles |Furry Cap |Proper Tophat |Steel Goggles |Fin Cap |Nomadic Turban |Chilling Veil |Shiny Glasses |Thief's Band |Mighty Strand |Silver Goggles |Titan Goggles |Strawhat |Nifty Grey Shades |Red Bandana |Electrician's Cap |Faedora |Mystic Mohawk |Bandit's Scarf |Burglars Rope |Scouting Visor |Cobalt Goggles |Laser Goggles |Hardhead Hat |Tengu Mask |Dried Grass Hat |Strawberry Hat |The Last Strawhat |Climate Cowl |Serene Bubble |Furious Hothead |Trackwalker Visor |Gorgon Veil |Dragon's Bandana |Tranquil Earmuffs


marked[edit source]

|Monster Shell |-Monster Shell |Monster Shell NOEZ |-Monster Shell NOEZ

|Testbelt |-Testbelt

list[edit source]

|Timeworn Belt |Rookiebelt |Bronze Mail |Second Hide |Bovine Armor |Leaf Cape |Assault Vest |Scrappy Plate |Iron Mail |Hardrock Plate |Spiky Jacket |Bubblebelt |Steel Mail |Dessert Vest |Magic Robe |Assassin Garb |Crystal Plate |Silver Mail |Titan Mail |Ramming Shell |Survival Plate |Rootweave |Petal Cloak |Loose Trenchcoat |Bronze Chest Plate |Silver Chest Plate |Golden Chest Plate |Plate of Chests |Tattered Satchel |Prism Pouch |Infinite Bag |Cobalt Mail |Laser Mail |Shadowy Cloak |Plated Plate |Bluefiber Robe |Zealous Lamellar |Pioneer Vest |Reactive Plate |Vermillion Mantle |Centaur Vest |Lifefiber Uniform |Infinity+1 Bag |Killing Dress |Assault Harness


marked[edit source]

|Observatory Key |-Observatory Key

|Disc of UNUSED |-Disc of UNUSED

list[edit source]

|Key Piece |Precursor Shard |The End |Disc of Insight |Disc of Treasure |Autumn Ingredients |Captured Bunny |Capture Device |Green Leaf Shade |Faj'ro Key |Faj'ro Master Key |Yellow Sand Shade |Mine Pass |Neutral Stone |Hermit Repairkit |Mine Key |Mine Master Key |Thief's Key |White Key |Radiant Key |Ye dirty 'ol cheater |Stone of Valor |Holiday Present |Guild Pass |Pure Autumn Cider |Geo-Data #3469 |Autumn Probe |Weird Hillkat Tech |Autumn Salve |Bergen Probe |Blue Ice Shade |Stone of Space |Red Flame Shade |Purple Bolt Shade |Aspiration Proof |Maroon Cave Pass |Shiny Orb |Laser Pickaxe |Laser TNT |Mining Docs |Flintzer Excretions |Progression Proof |Zir'vitar Key |GIT |Disc of Flora |Azure Drop Shade |Gaia Temple Pass |Food Temp #3 |Food Temp #4 |So'najiz Key |Jack's Flame |Aged Travelguide |Stone of Truth |Billston's Com |Smokaway |Tracker Chip |Pond Slums Pass |Maroon Probe |Krys'kajo Key |Kajo Master Key |Ti'im Residue |Storage Unit #1 |Brewing Kit |Green Seed Shade |Gaia Probe |Old Man's Book |Cursed Coin |Star Shade |Stone Key |Circuit Override |F.A.I.R. Device |Smelter Parts |Meteor Shade |Golden Bug |Old Dojo Key |Stone of Spirit |Stone of Ages |Very Large Ember |Old Blueprint |Coarse Powerring


marked[edit source]

list[edit source]

|Golden Triangle |Masterball |Blue Shell |Dungeon Heart |Perfect Karrot |Headphone Scraps |Metal Needles |Bovine Skin |Golden Ring |Raw Meat |Autumn Leaves |Season Apples |Gold Beetle |Twilight Dew |Bear Cicada |Azure Dragonfly |Veggie Set |Fruit Set |Junk Metal |Spiral Gem |Feather Leaf |Rusty Bits |Frozen Tear |Pike Wood |Purple Ore Lump |Winter Thorn |Bergen Ice |Fluffy Fur |Rock Beak |Solid Bubble |Dropped Mic |Spice Set |Frosted Carrot |Perforated Tophat |Diabolic Horns |Bug Shell |Blue Orb |Metal Gears |Tough Sand |Glaring Rock |Rainbow Gem |Vivid Water |Palmapple Seed |Cactone Fruit |Old Bones |Helix Relic |Lucid Shard |Everlasting Amber |Crystal Leek |Arid Lumber |Ancient Earth |Maroon Chestnut |Refined Metal |Precious Metal |Epic Metal |Poison Stinger |Drill Stone |Dry Fin |Squishy Teeth |Hardened Liver |Phoenix Feather |Butter Silk |Jelly Extract |Magma Residue |Laser Eyes |Parched Leaves |Ripe Apples |White Grain |Sunset Dew |Wolf Cicada |Crimson Dragonfly |Curly Farn |Steel Comb |Elder Wood |Venom Shroom |Glowing Sphere |Virus Root |Blue Mango |Exotic Resin |Star Fruit |Common Planter |Spiky Nut |Moon Fruit |Galaxy Berry |Royal Hive |Static Furball |Slime Drop |Palette Blossom |Huge Nut |Lazy Claw |Stout Backplate |Power Spinach |Living Bolt |Metal Down |Plain Cube |Glow Pear |Sea Disc |King's Ring |Goddess Plume |Hungry Salmon |Polished Mic |Ambiguous Rod |Brewing Kit: Bear |Brewing Kit: Crab |Brewing Kit: Fox |Brewing Kit: Whale |Mysterious Box |Tremor Engine |Blue Grass |Pink Petal |Mystery Grape |Green Arbor |Catalop Pellet |Steel Bamboo |Dirty Rubble |Spark Tin |Cobalt Crystal |Dream Globe |Infected Cell |Elemental DNA |Ronin Shell |Samurai Shell |Sharp Splitter |Hoverpad |Sticky Web |Omni Lock |Marinated Meat |Twilight Shard |Infinity Gem |Heaven's Seed |Halcyon Droplet |Portrait of Ruin |Ruby |Garnet |Diamond |Moonstone |Citrine |Topaz |Amethyst |Emerald |Lapis Lazuli |Geta Wood |Geta Straps |Geta Glue |Golden Satchel |Golden Bars |Golden Ticket |Antique Token |Moistured Line |Trash |Rusty Hook |Chestlink |Turret Tokens


marked[edit source]

list[edit source]

|Holiday Boots |Sparkly Boots |Holiday Hat |Toggle Test |Rise Booster |Fall Booster |Trail Booster |Valley Booster |Garden Booster |Ridge Booster |Mine Detector |Kunoichi |Chest Detector |Element Aura |Menacing Aura |Test Pet |Orange Twister |Baby Peng |FDNI Fox |Good Boy


|Health Pickup = Combat#

Renamed[edit source]

|Edge O' All = Items/Arms# |Bronze Anchor = Items/Legs# |Autumn Leaf = Items/Trade# |Feather Leave = Items/Trade# |Heat Dungeon Key = Items/Valuables# |Heat Master Key = Items/Valuables# |Ye dirty ol' cheater = Items/Valuables# |First Scholar Pass = Items/Valuables# |Hardend Liver = Items/Trade# |Proof of Aspiration = Items/Valuables# |Proof of Progression = Items/Valuables# |Energetic Espresso = Items/Consumables# |Ähre = Items/Arms# |Stalwart Footguard = Items/Legs# |Ancient Travelguide = Items/Valuables# |Old Man's Drill = Items/Arms# |Ambigious Rod = Items/Trade# |Marksmen's Trigger = Items/Arms# |Infinite Gem = Items/Trade#

Removed[edit source]

|SecretBall = Items/Trade# |Holiday Boots (Legs) = Items/Legs# |Placebotion = Items/Consumables# |Ordinary Fish = Items/Trade# |Achievement = Items/Valuables# |Raw Steak = Items/Consumables# |Sparkly Boots (Legs) = Items/Legs# |Broken Chakram = Items/Arms# |D. C-137 Gun = Items/Arms# |Red Bandana (Weapon) = Items/Arms# |Placeholder #1 = Items/Valuables# |Vermillion Jewel = Items/Valuables# |Holiday Hat (Head) = Items/Head# |Cinder Gem = Items/Valuables# |Food Temp #1 = Items/Valuables# |Food Temp #2 = Items/Valuables# |War Chassis = Items/Trade# |War System = Items/Trade#


|#default = Items#