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Name overrides for ItemLink: Bronze Anchor=Rusty Anchors, foo=foo

r : name is renamed (rename).

All sites with renamed Items ( r ) can be found in Category:AutoRenamedItem.

Sorted by Id (JSON-position): ItemViewer on Github

Complete list

Marked[edit source]

|Thunfischbrötchen = -Thunfischbrötchen

|Thunfischsalat = -Thunfischsalat

|Rauser |-Rauser NOEZ |Rauser NOEZ = -Rauser

|Monster Shell |-Monster Shell NOEZ |Monster Shell NOEZ = -Monster Shell

|Sirian Key |-Sirian Key NOEZ |Sirian Key NOEZ = -Sirian Key

|Testhat = -Testhat

|Testarms = -Testarms

|Testbelt = -Testbelt

|Testboots = -Testboots

|Observatory Key = -Observatory Key

|Disc of UNUSED = -Disc of UNUSED

|Devillish Tophat |Devillish Tophat NOEZ |-Devillish Tophat |-Devillish Tophat NOEZ |- Devillish Tophat NOEZ = - Devillish Tophat

|ModifierTester = -ModifierTester

|Nirustein = -Nirustein

|Pig Mask |-Pig Mask |Pig Mask NOEZ |-Pig Mask NOEZ = - Pig Mask

|Sage Geta = -Sage Geta

|Maultasche OLD = - Maultasche OLD

|Nanopoint Needle = - Nanopoint Needle

Renamed[edit source]

|Edge O' All = Edge o' All |Bronze Anchor = Rusty Anchors |Autumn Leaf = Autumn Leaves |Feather Leave = Feather Leaf |Heat Dungeon Key = Faj'ro Key |Heat Master Key = Faj'ro Master Key |Ye dirty ol' cheater = Ye dirty 'ol cheater |First Scholar Pass = Guild Pass |Hardend Liver = Hardened Liver |Proof of Aspiration = Aspiration Proof |Proof of Progression = Progression Proof |Energetic Espresso = Energy Espresso |Ähre = Aehre |Stalwart Footguard = Stable Footguard |Ancient Travelguide = Aged Travelguide |Old Man's Drill = Infinity Spiral Drill |Ambigious Rod = Ambiguous Rod |Marksmen's Trigger = Marksmen Trigger |Infinite Gem = Infinity Gem

Removed[edit source]


|#default = {{{1}}}