Tiefsee Angler

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Organic Boss Tiefsee Angler
Location Location Gaia's Garden
Level 46
Type Organic Boss
Sub Type Deepest Fish
HP-Icon.png Max HP 37000
Atk-Icon.png Attack 230
Def-Icon.png Defense 270
Foc-Icon.png Focus 230
Resistance Heat 50%
Cold -25%
Shock -25%
Wave 80%
Credits Credits 351
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngGlow Pear 100%

The Tiefsee Angler is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden as part of the quest A Promise Is a Promise 4.

Organic Boss.png
Tiefsee Angler
This variant of the Angler lives in the abandoned ruins of the giant sea in Gaia's Garden.

It can become near invisible and attacks its prey from the dark. Bright lights however can make it vulnerable for a short period of time. Legends say that this beast has not been seen for many centuries. However legends also tell that nobody ever lived to tell the tale...

-Monster Fibula report

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Gaia's Garden
Floor U2
Lost Power Room

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