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Organic Tim
Location Location Maroon Valley, Faj'ro Temple
Level 25 / 62
Type Organic
Sub Type Worm
Max HP HP-Icon.png 2345 / 28185
Attack Atk-Icon.png 108 / 410
Defense Def-Icon.png 107 / 406
Focus Foc-Icon.png 101 / 383
Resistance Heat 50%
Cold -25%
Credits Credits 247 / 1570
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngSquishy Teeth 24%
Trade-silver.pngHardened Liver 16%
Trade-gold.pngCitrine 35%
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The Tim is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Maroon Valley and the Faj'ro Temple.

These slimy creatures spend most of their time halfway underground almost looking like a deformed stone. Their bodies are extremely flexible and can fit into holes the size of a hand.

Ironically they do not like overheating and will get extremely hostile when exposed to it for too long. In their enraged form they will spit out scorching hot rocks and move much faster. According to some insight by C'tron worms posses 5 hearts. It's a mystery how they fit into this elastic body.

-Monster Fibula report

Tim is technically classified as a sandworm by CrossWorlds, but seems in practice to have more in common with a mobile volcano. It has no melee attacks, instead focusing on launching projectiles at Lea and her party. Because these cannot be blocked, Tim thus forces Lea to remain almost continually in motion.

A newly-spawned Tim will have a strong defensive shield up, which may, along with its resistance to Heat, convince new players that it's meant to be beaten after the Faj'ro Temple. However, sustained fire or melee with a Heat weapon will bring down the shield, resulting in something more akin to an Enrage mechanic. Once the shield is down, the Tim's attacks will increase greatly in frequency, but it can more rapidly be eliminated with Cold or Neutral.