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Track of the Ancients

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The Track of the Ancients is the underlying mythology of CrossWorlds.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Ancients are a race of advanced aliens who inhabited the CrossWorlds moon long before humans ever discovered it. Their legacy is the Track of the Ancients - a series of challenges intended to grant their advanced technology to those deemed worthy of receiving it. The challenges take the form of puzzle dungeons known as Temples. The main goal of CrossWorlds is to follow the Track of the Ancients and help humanity to rediscover this lost technology.

In CrossCode[edit | edit source]

Advisor NPCs in Rhombus Square talk about the Track of the Ancients, but no temples can be found in the current version of the game. Progress along the Track of the Ancients will serve to unlock new areas, including eventually the main areas of Rhombus Square.