Vermillion Tower

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Location icon Vermillion Tower
The final challenge put together by Gautham.
Rooms 19
Trader icon Traders 0
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Normal chest Normal 0
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Total 0
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Vermillion Tower is a location in CrossWorlds. It is the current final dungeon of CrossCode.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Connecting Regions[edit | edit source]

  • Vermillion Wasteland

Area Map[edit | edit source]

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Areas of Vermillion Tower
# Area Name
1 Entrance
2 Center Elevator GF
3 Center Elevator F1
4 Freezing Groove
5 Freezing Storm
6 Freezing Challenge
7 Blazing Storm
8 Blazing Blizzard
9 Blazing Challenge
10 Center Elevator F2
11 Waving Flames
12 Waving Inferno
13 Waving Challenge
14 Shocking Blizzard
15 Shocking Inferno
16 Shocking Challenge
17 Center Elevator F3
18 Center Elevator F4
19 Center Elevator F??

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemies of Vermillion Tower
Neutral-virus-sprite.png Neutral VirusHeat-virus-sprite.png Heat VirusCold-virus-sprite.png Cold VirusFurious-security-brute-sprite.png Furious Security BruteCool-security-brute-sprite.png Cool Security BruteTense-security-brute-sprite.png Tense Security BruteGroovy-security-brute-sprite.png Groovy Security BruteFailed-rhino-sprite.png Failed RhinoArengee-sprite.png ArengeeFinal-turret-ix-sprite.png Final Turret IXDesigner-sprite.png DesignerThe-creator-sprite.png The Creator