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Organic Wiccat
Location Location Gaia's Garden
Level 36 / 60
Type Organic
Sub Type Mammal
Max HP HP-Icon.png 2400 / 13920
Attack Atk-Icon.png 190 / 422
Defense Def-Icon.png 188 / 418
Focus Foc-Icon.png 198 / 440
Shock 90%
Wave -40%
Credits Credits 363 / 1089
Item Chance Rank
Trade-bronze.pngStatic Furball 12%
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The Wiccat is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Gaia's Garden.

These kitties are not cute at all. They will attack on sight and will dodge projectiles whenever they can. Thankfully they don't feature the "attracting" of their more calm kindred.

Just what made them so aggressive? Turns out that these fiends are part of the track's attempt to fix itself. Something went wrong and the cats interpreted humans and shads as part of the problem.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Wiccats are feline creatures of roughly the size of real world cats. Common specimen have black fur and a white tail. Close examination will show, that the tail is actually an arc of electric energy and their entire fur is surrounded by an electrostatic aura.

Wild specimen are known to close up to passersby, even when they are completely stranger to them. They like to purr and pretend to be harmless, but getting close is highly discouraged, as their fur is of a strong electric charge and harmful on direct contact. Even the sound of their purr is accompanied by a static crackle.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Wiccats fight with quick dashes and electric discharges. As they are harmful even by mere contact they tend to leap directly on top of combatants, delivering a hard hitting blow and then stay in close quarters to maximize damage through their passively damaging fur.

As the fight progresses they can also use electromagnetic attraction to pull their opponents into themselves. While channelling, the effectiveness of their electric aura is vastly increased. Careless opponents who get trapped by the attraction can be destroyed in seconds.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Wiccats are extremely fast in combat. This and the fact that body contact is harmful makes melee combat almost impossible. It is best to keep your distance.

While in combat Wiccats can execute a channeled skill that attracts combatants towards it involuntarily. The force of attraction can be outrun or out-dashed. When outside the attraction radius the Wiccat can be fired at with throw arts at relatively low risk.

Location(s)[edit | edit source]

Gaia's Garden

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]